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Streamlined AR Production With Zappar

Augmented reality(AR) has connected people to each other in ways yet to be explored. Letting us mesh our imagination with what’s known as reality. AR keeps people connected to their environment, rather than disconnected. A known annoyance when it comes to conversating with someone who is distracted by their companion tech. Streamlined AR production is already used to enhance brand engagement. The space provided by product packaging for brands to convey information is significantly increased with AR. Branded AR games implemented in printed advertisement will significantly increase brand loyalty. Environment integrated immersive applications provide worthwhile experiences while keeping people present in the physical environment.

Blackwell Rum AR Packaging

Propelling streamlined AR production

Zappar is amongst the pioneering studios, enabling brands and individuals to create captivating augmented reality experiences. Hence their “mission is to make the world scannable by democratizing AR,” through streamlined AR production. Nestle, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers and Disney have partnered with Zappar to launch AR-enabled marketing campaigns. The extended reality(XR) studio provides a new level of interaction consumers consumption. Storytelling, events and just fun stuff can be hosted within the expanded space AR offers.

Augmented Reality for Retail – 7 Eleven | Deadpool Invasion

Rapid AR adoption with brands using Zappar’s AR solution

To celebrate the birthday of Nestlé’s Koko Crunch, Zappar created an immersive experience for children to dance with Koko and share on social media. Demonstrating the use of immersive product packaging. For 7-Elevens Always -on AR campaign, people could enter a competitive Slurpee dance game to become the Ultimate Slurpee Dancer. An effective marketing campaign for encouraging customers to download the 7Rewards app. In partnership with StoneOakMedia, the Solar System Expedition workbook was created for STEM Learning. Touring students through the universe as they learn how to take measurements and report information.

STEM learning with AR

ZapWorks gets developers in on the action

With immense expertise in creating compelling AR media, the XR studio released their own software-development-kit(SDK) for AR creation. ZapWorks is a robust XR editor platform for development teams implementing AR. Face, world and image tracking allows varying ways to trigger AR experiences. 3D objects, videos and photos can be utilized for creating desired AR experiences. For coders, JavaScript is implementable for more complex animations. The list continues when it comes to what ZapWorks Studio features.

When the streamlined AR production projects are ready to be launched, there are the choices to publish on Zappar’s AR app, embed it within an app or with WebAR for browser access. There are three plans available with the SDK. The Starter plan is for one developer with 10MB of project space. The Pro plan is for 3 developers with 25MB of project space. Finally the Enterprise plan includes up to 10 developers with 50MB or more of project space. Enterprise subscribers also benefit from workshops, custom domain for self-hosted WebAR experiences and priority support. ZapWorks Studio is a trusted platform utilized by leading brands, including Coca-Cola, PUMA, Deloitte and FlyAR.

ZapWorks User Showcase: Studio | flyAR – Lujatalo – Interactive 3D

Streamlined AR Production fortified with proprietary AR headset

Zappar continues to benefit the AR sector with their own affordable mixed reality(MR) Kickstarter headset named ZapBox. With price range around $40, ZapBox comes with 2 controllers, tracking pads, lens adapter and cardboard headset. Since it’s in the early stages of development, not all smart-devices are compatible. But if you have an iPhone 6 and later or Samsung Galaxy S7-8 then you’re good to go. ZapBox is currently only able to showcase ZapWorks Studio creations. This shouldn’t be the biggest concern, as there is a plethora of AR content to explore through their platform.

AR is stabilizing in it’s adoption. As more people find their own personal interests with AR, streamlined AR production solutions must be developed for people to further explore their interest. There will need to be solutions that set the standard. There will need to be solutions like Zappar.

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Virtual Workspaces Optimized By Spatial

Extended reality(XR) has extended to many industries. XR tech fortifies marketing campaigns and improves job training. Workers transported from the physical to a digitized world benefit from tactile digital tools and proficient workflows. Job manuals become virtually accessible, providing quick access to critical information. Remote specialists are able to provide more effective assistance for workers, by being within the workers very space. XR has removed many barriers when it comes to work conditions. Instead of fighting through traffic, spending money on workspace or having a limited way to express ideas, teams can benefit from virtual workspaces.

Spatial leverages XR tech to improve workflow

Spatial is a augmented reality(AR) telepresence software company founded in 2016 with the objective to enhance the workspace. iNova Capital, White Star Capital and Samsung NEXT are among the many investors to fund this XR endeavor. Anand Agarawala(Co-founder/CEO) and Jinha Lee(Co-founder/CPO) head a expert team creating effective virtual workspaces. Nearly a decade ago, Spatial developed BumpTop, a XR user interface providing a intuitive way for sorting and displaying ideas. BumpTop became a viral success and was eventually attained by Google.

Infinite Office for Oculus

BumpTop is a intuitive VR UI for virtual workspaces

With BumpTop going on to bigger and better things, Spatial remains dedicated to enhancing the workspace. In partnership with Facebook, a work-from-home(WFH) solution was constructed named Infinite Office. It features Passthrough mode, enabling people to switch between virtual reality(VR) and mixed reality(MR). A really beneficial feature relieving the need to constantly remove head-ware. A somewhat arguable point when adopting VR tech. Logitech provided their K830 keyboard schematic, to construct an additional tactile digital tool for virtual utilization. It is currently available for the Oculus Quest.

Spatial – Collaborate from anywhere

The XR studio has also partnered with 5G carriers and NReal, a XR head-ware and eye-ware company. The objective of these partnerships is to bring cross-platform collaboration virtual workspaces. Through these, employees can use their favorite XR ware while still being part of the team. Working with Qualcomm, Telekom, LG Uplus and KDDI on this revolutionary project was an opportunity develop cross-network solutions. The AR project was featured on CNET, Forbes, Venture Beat and Fast Company. A testament in Spatial’s expertise in producing effective virtual workplaces.

Virtual Workspaces become more visceral with photorealistic holographs

Spatial’s immersive workspaces allows people to inhabit photorealistic 3D-avatars of themselves. This allows others in the room to pick up their facial and body gestures. Since it’s a immersive environment, people can move around virtual rooms as they would in the physical world. For those who dont’t have access to a XR eyeware, are able to join in via webcam. This assisting teams to be workplace inclusive. For effective demostrations of ideas, teams can organize and display 3D models, photos and PDFs. Screenshare is also accessable through these virtual workspaces.

Spatial x CNET Scott Stein

Various industries could benefit from the tools Spatial’s workspaces offers. Marina Lombardi, Head of New Technologies and Innovation, recognizes “Spatial is transforming how we handle crisis meetings.” Especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sven Gerjets, Global Chief Technology Officer of Mattel states “Our classic brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels have diverse teams of designers, engineers, marketers and manufacturers …[that can now]… come together in a Spatial project room.” Spatial has proven that the modern workspace can be enhanced.

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Spatial Computation Optimizes AR With ARWay

Achieving optimal augmented reality(AR) features, such as target activation, frame rate and digital asset fidelity has been a challenging to overcome. Before AR could even be consider for mainstream use, the shutter and screen effect had to be solved. A universal standard for scene framerate and screen resolution needed to be established. Fortunately many great minds got to work and began chipping away at this dilemma. Hololens, Raptor Eversight, Epson Moverio and many more manufactured AR eye-ware can perform optimal augmenting computations. But what is solving this dilemma without actually being able to access the AR application. Therefore various means of AR targeting have been constructed, including image-targeting, planar-recognition, object-scanning and spatial computation.

AR Spaceships by ARWay

Augmented environments optimized with spatial computation

ARWay has been leading in the development of spatial computation for augmented reality applications. Baran Korkmaz(Founder & CEO), Damien ARNUAD and Insitu World(Blockchain Spatial Data Exchange), along with content creators and marketers power the core of the company. Mayank Raj best explains describes AR as technology that “involves deploying virtual images over real-world objects or environments… to add useful imagery to the environment already around the user.” A technology that enhances our day-to-day activities, including in-store navigation, brick & mortar e-commerce, skill building and resource management.

In order to streamline spatial computation in AR, they’ve created a ARWayKit development kit that optimizes Unity for Google and Apple platforms. Through the software development kit(SDK), digital creators can perform spatial computation to their environment in minutes. Because the AR SDK is cloud based, there is no need for extraneous hardware or target markers. Digital creators can easily manage generated cloud maps. For large scale AR maps, ARWayKit segments the map into smaller sections, making map updates seamless in real-time. This is achieved through their own proprietary simultaneous localization and mapping(SLAM) tech. As well as incorporation of ARKit, ARCore.

ARWay Tilt View Map

ARWay’s content management system streamlines AR development

One barrier to adopting AR tech is digital asset management. There are many components to AR applications that could seem a lot to deal with. Especially for large-scale projects. ARWayKit WebStudio is their solution for this. Digital creators can manage Point Cloud Maps, AR Media, navigational paths and other critical assets of the AR project. Realtime AR environment cloud-based content management system composes of WebGL and Three.js. Meaning, it can operate on any compatible browser, without the need for software installations, in-depth knowledge of 3D engine tools and live analytical data is accessible.

ARWay City-scale Mapping

Azure Spatial Anchors accessible through ARWayKit

The expert company recently partnered up with Microsoft to implement Azure Spatial Anchors(ASA), into the AR development platform. In order to kick of AR eye-ware compatibility, they started with the Microsoft Hololens, as it was their most request device from the ARWayKit developers. Which then made sense to them to make Microsoft’s spatial computation tech available to the ARWay developers. The benefits of Microsoft’s spatial anchors includes AR project scale fidelity and restoration of 3D assets. As well as experiences that persist through seasons, lighting conditions and viewport compatibility. ASA makes ARWayKit interoperable for developers, where they can switch from ARWay’s or Microsoft’s SLAM tech. This partnership will increase the speed at which content is created for the premium AR eye-ware, Hololens. A very important maneuver for streamlining AR development.

Flutter project compatible with ARWay development

Flutter is Google’s single code-based UI toolkit for building native mobile, desktop and web applications. For developers who have already built native applications using Flutter can import their existing or new projects into ARWay development kit. Leveraging the WebStudio and Azure Spatial Anchors for unparalleled experiences. To ensure developers get up and running, they provide step-by-step instructions on how to install the native project. This additional feature to the ARWayKit makes it a profoundly powerful and robust tool for producing compelling AR experiences with spatial computation.

Get started with ARWay WebStudio

Spatial computation plus AR creates proficient work environments

With greater objectives in mind, ARWay has not stop there. Spiral Technology manufactures sophisticated mixed reality(MR) headset for industrial automation. Spector, their flagship MR ware, grants workers in warehouses and plants better safety measures. This includes hands-free access to critical data, remote guidance and decreased troubleshooting times. By installing ARWay’s precision SLAM tech into their signature headset, means for proficient workplace production. On-site mechanics and engineers save up to 30% of time on manual reading, intuitively capture information and commit fewer mistakes by utilizing AR tech. Hence a very critical move providing optimized tools for safer and fluid workplaces.

No doubt ARWay is propelling the adaption of augmented reality and proving it’s use cases. Especially for large-scale environments that require sophisticated spatial computation for stable AR applications. Through strategic partnerships and expert compilation of AR development features, makes for an outstanding AR SDK that allows digital artists to focus on creating the experience, rather than all the mechanics for a functioning AR application. It’s truly another league in AR adoption. Truly another league human enhancement. As many industries begin to see skill gaps and new ones emerging, it’s important we have the tools to adapt. Augmented reality tech provides just that. ARWay provides just that.

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City Wide AR Propelled By Komplex Studios

The possibilities of augmented reality(AR) are endless. Being able to digitize what’s around us, enhances how we interact with our physical environment. What is real and what is fantastical is elegantly brought together by this media. Augmented reality brings our digital life back into our landscape. It may be the one solution to solving the disconnect of people. No longer will screens imprison our attention, but allows our eyes to stretch out. This style of immersive media will give people another reason to venture out and explore the world. Let our beloved devices enhance the world with city wide AR.

Komplex, KAOS – Orientation Video

City Wide AR Installations

Komplex Live Cinema Group has been propelling this effort. In various places across the globe they’ve installed location based augmented reality experiences. These experiences include a variety of storytelling and abstract art digitally embedded within these locations. Mariano Equizzi in the early nineties developed a foundation for his trade at the Experimental Center of Cinematography. Which in 2013 led him to persist his augmented reality endeavors with the Komplex project. Luca Liggio(digital video management) and Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi(musi and sound design) help lead in Komplex, believing “technologies are an opportunity and a almost magical liberation tool to create increasingly sophisticated forms of interactivity.” Among their collaboration partners are Luca Liggio Production, Iter-Research and Emerging Series.

Where is the portal to city wide AR

Komplex’s AR experiences can be accessed through the ARize app. ARize can be installed on both iOS and Android. The app lets users create AR content to share with others. Scans for a planar surface are initiated, then user-created content is showcased in the immediate environment. Locations and images can also be scanned to activate media. This is the very featured used to unlock Komplex’s mind boggling location based experiences. AR community is also fostered within the app, where users can follow and contact their favorite digital creators. But Komplex does not only cultivate communities within the app but also within various cities.

Komplex Live Cinema Group and it’s many projects

61Mito is one of Komplex’s latest endeavors. It’s is a site-specific AR installation in EUR Rome. The city-wide project journey’s people through the Latin mythology of the goddess of the woods, Diana. Mariana Equizzi led the artist direction of the project. This was done in partnership QAcademy. An organization who focuses on new technologies for enhancing cultural development of communities and territories. Even though the experience is designed for a specific location, image targets is used to activate this artful mythological experience from home.

Komplex LALA Deliverances

During the LALA Deliverances event, 30 locations in Los Angeles were snapped by Tessuti Molli and converted into location-based AR art. Some of these experiences include revealing portals through city walls and terraforming the landscape into psychedelics’ experiences. Attendees are encouraged to use their smart devices to unlock hidden public art. Indeed a very great way to bring more attraction to events and provide a profound way in how people view their communities.

City augmentation was also used for the Athens Digital Arts Festival. The festival takes place every May in Athens, Greece, with the objective of connecting local and international communities through digital arts. For 2017, Komplex was relied upon to create a AR storytelling experience through captivating city-scale imagery. This particularly event demonstrated “augmented reality is used as a tool to rend out pataphysics in urban spaces.” Pataphysics is an sect of science that focuses on visual phenomena that extends to a world beyond metaphysics. In short, attendees were immersed in a journey through abstract and trippy landscapes.

AR Experience at Slingshot Festival

Komplex have also done AR events for Palermo Italy, Grande Milan, kvARTal Festival, Sicily Web Fest 2016, the Slingshot Festival and many more. For students who’ve attended University Dell ‘Aquila in 2016, could immerse themselves in the world of Cthulhu through an AR workshop. A keen opportunity for Lovecraftian fans to get a little bit closer to the lore. The AR production studio has created extra-ordinary city-wide AR experiences, immersing city-dwellers within a fantastical landscape. In turn, bring more interactivity to cities and public events. Something that has inevitably bring communities a little bit closer, as Pokémon Go has done.

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8th Wall Setting The Standard For XR/AR Dev Kits

Augmented reality(AR) has spurred much innovation for enhancing brand engagement. Also adding another level to social engagement. Brands have used AR for people to virtual try out products. Turning smartphones into magical fitting rooms. Product packaging can tell a brand’s story through AR. Companies have already enhanced their products with AR games. Providing immersive features for people to explore brands increases brand engagement. AR extends beyond improving brand experience and has seen a impact on social interactions. It is very obvious with the various filters people have become accustomed to on social media. People now have visceral brand and social interactions without the barrier of the flat digital screen, bursting through the 8th wall.

8th Wall 2021 Show Reel

Bringing augmented reality to the masses

8th Wall is one distinguished extended reality(XR) development platform propelling AR media. It harnesses the power of WebAR, eliminating the need to download an application. An Android or iOS device camera is used to scan QR codes, image-targets or other AR targets to trigger AR experiences. People are then transported to the experience online without need of downloading an application. Without requiring people to download another app, removes another barrier for call-to-action. Meaning people get the AR experience faster without contemplating whether to finish downloading the application. This is one benefit 8th Wall’s platform provides when developing augmenting experiences.

For those who have applied face filters on social media apps, may have used an effect developed from 8th Wall. Custom facial attachment points enables AR designers to place virtual objects on users. Face meshes provides another option for applying custom facial designs. These features are great for transforming people into different characters. Or even bring out their own character. Who wouldn’t want to share a video of themselves transforming into a zombie to share on social media?

Israel’s President uses augmented reality to greet nation as a hologram

Proprietary target tracking in 8th Wall tech

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(SLAM) is used for triggering AR experiences through location tracking. 8th Wall’s SLAM tech is tweaked for optimized AR performance on mobile browsers. Their SLAM’s features also includes lighting estimation, instant surface detection and responsive scaling. Another way AR experiences can be triggered is through image tracking. Images can be tracked on flat, cylindrical and conical surfaces. Meaning magazines, bottles, billboards and product packaging can be brought to life through 8th Wall’s tracking tech. The option to use both tracking technologies within a single AR application is present. This gives AR designers more control over the AR experience through AR triggers.

If familiarity using code editors like VS Code or Atom, then 8th Walls editor platform will be easy to navigate. It features a robust text-editor with remote debugging and external library support. 3D frameworks such as A-Frame, ThreeJS and PlayCanvas are pluggable in 8th Wall XR development. AR templates are available for kickstarting a project. Digital creators are not isolated in the development environment. Teams benefit from source control, including team commit history and code isolation. Individuals of teams can be assigned roles through the team management section. Published AR applications are shared with a unique QR code, short-link, modifiable embed buttons or other AR triggering methods.

8th Wall Face Filters

8th Wall elevating the augmented realm

8th Wall has powered many popular AR experiences, enabling a much more intimate approach for brand. For the MTV Video Music Awards Coffee Labs utilized 8th Wall’s platform to produce a AR experience. The experience brought The King from Burger King and Lil’ Yachty into the viewers home for an interactive concert session. AR experiences have been developed to take people out of the homes also. Hoopla Digital UK relied on the XR editor platform to create an immersive LEGO experience. Upon saying “revelio,” people can turn windows into magical portals connecting to the Harry Potter realm. An voice-activated experience that brings fans that much closer to the wizardry world.

There are many popular brands, such as Adidas, Red Bull and Porsche that utilized 8th Wall’s platform. It is proven to be a reliable tool in developing AR experiences. It provides solid tracking capabilities, robust features for interactivity and various ways of sharing. 8th wall set standards for quality and powerful digital augmentation tools. One day you’ll peer Around Your Screen to find 8th wall a household name. Thank you for reading!

Capitola Social Advancing AR In Social Engagement

People have dived into a new form of expression with the advent of augmented reality(AR). AR has unlocked a profound way of social interaction. Social platforms like Instagram, TikTok and SnapChat already implement AR features. Whenever users are applying filters, they are using a AR interface. AR enables people to position digital representations of products in their immediate environment. This is great for virtually trying on shoes or viewing what a piece of furniture would look in your home. There are many capabilities of social AR and many studios are unlocking these, including Capitola Social.

Volvo S60 Facebook AR ad

AR Filters designed for all social media platforms

Capitola Social(CS) has been helping brands and individuals unlock AR in social media. They are “a creative social agency focusing on creating highly immersive and engaging Social Augmented Reality effects and filters.” Their uniquely tailor-made AR filters for brands or socialites is shareable on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Product packages can also be augmented for enhancing brand engagement. This gives brands the ability to tell captivating and immersive stories when people engage with their product or services. AR games is also a possibility, increasing brand engagement. Many companies have already benefited Capitola Social’s expertise.

Proof of Concept – Louis Vuitton Virtual Store

Who has benefitted from Capitola Social creativity

Louis Vuitton saw the potential of social AR, creating an AR experience that allows people to try on premium shoes and clothing. It’s proven that consumers are more likely to buy products when they’re able to try them out beforehand. The try-on application of social AR definitely provides this leverage. When people try on the virtual Louis Vuitton shoes, they’re able to walk around in them, enhancing brand engagement. This premium feature can be found on Instagram.

McDonalds is known for innovative marketing strategies and developing brand identity, hence finding the opportunity to work with Capitola Social. During a TBWA campaign launching new McNuggget’s flavors, CS was responsible for creating a captivating Snapchat Lens and Instagram filter. McDonald fanatics were able to become the box of the chicken nuggets. CS also produced a SnapChat Lens transporting people into the gaming world’s found the McDonalds app. An excellent way for increasing brand engagement.

Lays Snack Crunch AR Game

For people who are a fan of Fruit Ninja, would find The Fruit Slicer filter for Instagram entertaining. This Instagram filters givers users laser-powered eyes capable of slicing through fruit. Bouncing fruit tests people focus and head-bobbing skills. Lays also provides a similar AR experience. Instead of fruit, people slice through bags of chips. As packages of chips floats across the screen, players eye zap them, painting their screen with chips. Talk about never letting your eye off the screen.

Capitola Social is propelling social AR

Not only is social AR great for brand engagement but also for individual expression. Social media centers around people expressing themselves and Capitola Social provides the AR solution. For the Etnia Barcelona’s 2020 Warrior campaign, they created a Instagram filter transforming people into a environmental warrior. There’s also futuristic eye-ware to try-on with The Vapor Wave Instagram filter. If only there was cyberpunk style ray-bans.

Capitola Social has enhanced many brands and socialites identity on social media. Hence why they are the perfect team to trust when producing compelling social AR experiences. They are an social AR production studio coming from Around Your Screen! Thank you for reading!

Immersive Gameplay propelled by Vertigo Studios

Virtual reality(VR) has enabled a new level of gaming experience. It is basically a gamer’s dream come true. Being able to dive into fantastical worlds or have visceral multiplayer experiences is now possible. This is the metaverse brought to fruition. Immersing people in their own worlds. Ernest Cline’s book, Ready Player One, provides an excellent blueprint for this immersive medium. Now it’s time to populate the virtual space to enhance the gamer’s experience. Many studios have already jumped on board immersive gameplay, creating mind-bending and captivating worlds.

Vertigo Games After The Fall Cinematic Trailer

Accelerating the adoption of immersive gameplay

Vertigo Games is one studio leading in immersive gameplay. The VR studio sports a diverse team of expert talent operating in The Netherlands and Los Angeles. “Vertigo Studios mission is to create cutting-edge, high-quality VR games that offer unrivaled immersion, realizing the stoutest dreams of gamers everywhere.” Their VR games can be found on the Oculus Store, PlayStation and Steam. Koch Media recently acquired the VR studio, bringing award immersive gaming to a wider audience.

Arizona Sunshine trailer for Oculus Quest

VR games exemplified Vertigo Studios

Most VR players have encountered their platinum selling post-apocalyptic VR game, Arizona Sunshine. Up to 4 players are isolated at the Grand canyon, fighting off hordes of relentless zombies. The more players that are isolated in this desert, the more zombies come after them. Players can enter campaign mode for a complete adventure. Campaigns feature different environments, ranging from zombie scorched landscape to taunting dark mines. Its a perfect VR game for any newcomer of immersive gameplay.

There’s also the critically acclaimed VR puzzle game, A Fisherman’s Tale, letting players become part of Bob’s lighthouse adventure. Its a brain twisting, mind-altering journey as Bob climbs the lighthouse. There is a major storm being broadcast on the radio, which prompts Bob to head out and turn the light on at the lighthouse. As the lighthouse watcher tries to do so, he realizes things aren’t as expected. The player is responsible for guiding Bob’s actions and reach the lighthouse before the Big Storm hits. Reaching the lighthouse is key to unlocking the truth behind the fisherman’s tale.

Still in development, After The Fall is a raging fight for survival in the city of Los Angeles. Nearly 2 decades after a mysterious outbreak, Los Angeles is ravaged by horrifying Snowbreed. Players have an immunity from the substances caused by the outbreak. It is now their job, in co-operation with other players from across the world to eradicate the Snowbreed and take back the city. To fortify their endeavors, players have access to modifiable gear, capable of mass destruction. When players encounters spine-numbing bosses, they’ll have the tools to get the job done.

Ghost Patrol VR for VR Venues

Immersive gameplay for location based venues

Vertigo Games can also be found in VR arcades and family entertainment centers. They release games through their VR development and distribution platform SpringboardVR and HAZE VR. HAZE VR allows entertainment managers to operate VR experiences at their venues with a tablet or PC. SpringboardVR is their other VR solution with the added service of education-based VR experiences. Arcade players can dive into Arizona Sunshine, Ghost Patrol, The Corsair’s Curse and various other fantastical immersive games. Vertigo Games VR experiences is already implemented in a increasing 700 arcades and theme parks, with over 15k licenses in 40 plus countries. Arizona Sunshine is Vertigo Games most played location-based VR game.

The studio not only produces high-fidelity immersive gameplay experiences, but also institutes a separate department dedicated to the publication of VR games. Vertigo Publishing accelerates the the development process through funding, marketing strategies and distribution of VR games. “[They] offer funding, technical solutions, marketing support, and certified publishing” and are happy to consult tailored needs. Yannis Bolman, CEO at Little Chicken Game Company, states “In Vertigo Games we found the ideal partner and publisher for Traffic Jams.”

No doubt Vertigo solutions is the go-to service for producing and distributing captivating triple A VR games. And no doubt they will go down in XR history as pioneers and groundbreakers in the realm of virtual reality. One day you’ll peer Around Your Screen to find them a household name. Thank you for reading!

Branded AR Campaigns enhanced with AirCards

Augmented reality(AR) is being used increasingly everyday. Social media platforms have implemented AR to enhance social engagement. One form of this is applying filters to alter facial features. The process of applying features is augmented reality, because it digitally alters what is seen in the real environment. Or in this case, the live-stream of the face and background. Not only does AR improves social engagement, but also improves brand engagement. Branded AR is great for engaging marketing campaigns, enhancing websites or bring product packaging to life, capturing and retaining people with immersive experiences. Rather than relying on traditional methods of printed media and 2d format videos.

AirCards WebAR Agency

WebAR agency in branded AR production

AirCards has been assisting brands in using AR for enhancing brand engagement. Brands including Samsung, Hewlett Packard and Motley Fool have used AirCards for events and marketing. Instead of hosting one of their IFA Electronics event in Berlin, Samsung decided to use AirCards, bringing the event to the attendee. Motley fool benefitted from promotional AR direct mail, bringing printed cards to life. Nationwide has seen increased brand loyalty with AR greeting cards for partners and clients. This shows augmented reality wide-spread implementation of AR for advancing brand engagement and subsequently return-on-investments.

The AR production company uses WebAR technology, enabling people to access AR experiences through the web browser, rather than having to download an application. People with smartphones or tablets can use their devices camera to scan QR codes on printed media that’ll transport them to an AR experience via mobile browser. The AR source is also linked to an online web URL. When transported to the AR link, the phones camera is then used to digitally animate product packages, postcards, posters and various other types of media. Meaning brands can get people straight to the experience without the barrier of downloading an application.

WebAR Dynamic Hotspots Functionality AirCards

Branded AR solutions with AirCards

AirCards provides AR solutions for print marketing, product packaging, e-commerce and events. As well as consultation services for developing AR campaign. For out-of-home marketing campaigns, AR experiences through billboards, subway posters, bus stops and other public places with posted media. Direct mail marketing can be enhanced with AR for a more interactive form of marketing, fortifying call to action. Product packaging can be animated with 3D graphics and videos, amplifying ability to gain and retain customers. For brands selling products online, people can be more tactile when viewing products. Brand events can be brought straight to the people, rather than enduring the extra cost of hosting events in physical places and providing a more interactive experience for attendees and brand loyalists.

AR experiences can also be initialized through image and location tracking. Campaign analytics is accessible, providing more insight in how people are engaging with the AR experience. This data can be used to improve marketing tactics, increasing call to action or delivery of content. AR content is switchable out in rea-ltime. This is great for testing engagement between different AR marketing tactics, such as 3D pop-outs, embedded printed media videos and AR games. AirCards gives maximum control when launching AR marketing campaigns. A valid solution for increasing brand awareness and engagement.

AirCards WebAR Product Packaging Activation

The implications of AirCards

As branded AR becomes more prevalent, more and more people will be encouraged to adopt the technology. The general audience will gain more exposure to augmented reality. We already use high-powered devices to do the mundane thins in life. Why not unlike our smart-devices true capabilities by augmenting mundane activities, like reading what some advertiser is trying to sell. This is the service that AirCards provides, elevating the brand experience.

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VR First Leading The Way In XR Public Ecosystems

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality(VR/AR/MR), collectively known as extended reality(XR), has enhanced the way many businesses and individuals interact with each other. It was no easy feat switching the mindset from XR being viewed as only for the gamers. Now various industries adopt XR tech for their own practices. XR improves workforce training, enhances social interactions, enables virtual transportation around the globe and beyond. Soon people will make MR, AR and VR first, given the rate at which XR technology is being implemented.

XR Bootcamp Graduation Ceremony

What about VR First?

Therefore VR First consortium was brought into fruition. VR First is powered by industry leaders, including HTC, Intel, Oculus and other VR/AR oriented companies. They are also partnered with VRMark, SpringboardVR, LeapMotion and other distinguished XR companies to fortify their efforts. Since the founding, the consortium has been “connecting VR/AR developers, researchers and companies to build collaborative, diverse and inclusive VR/AR projects.” In order to do this, they’ve hosted hackathons, conferences and help develop grass-root XR ecosystems.

Highlights of XR Bootcamp Master Class

XR adoption with VR First

For academic institutions seeking to apply XR technology, they offer a Lab Seed and Lab Growth program. The Lab Seed program lets academies implement their own AR/VR lab. These labs are high-tech XR areas with the objective of incentivizing creators and developing new talent. As more and more companies continue to adapt XR tech, it will be important to fulfill the necessary skill gap for the emerging XR industry. This makes the XR labs a valuable commodity. Labs have been instituted in New Zealand, South Korea and United States. The Lab Growth program is an enhanced version of the Lab Seed program, with software discounts and extended support from VR First. They’ll assist in global & local networking, marketing and remote training.

For Public Institutions, VR First will implement XR tech within the public ecosystem. Similar to the Lab Growth Program, central locations will be setup in the city for people to learn and refine their skills in extended reality. Plus helping others adopt XR tech. Public AR/VR competitions will bring a new level to e-sports. Public institutions can create their own XR learning courses through VR First’s online XR Bootcamp. This is really great for creating a city-wide initiative to adopt XR technology, providing a positive and profound impact in how people operate in their cities.

2020 VR AR Global Student Design Competition Livestream – Hosted By The Wild

What are the outcomes of XR adoption?

Such initiatives as these are necessary if XR technology is to show it’s true potential. It will fundamentally change how we interact with each other and our environment. XR will provide a new meaning for instant communication. More people may even dare explore the world through augmented reality. Bedbound patients would be able to virtually visit family, friends and explore the world. The speed at which people become adept at learning skills will significantly increase. No more wasting gas, renting out physical office spaces and feeling confined, but have the luxury to form solid teams from virtual places.

These are only a few fruits to expect from VR First’s initiative. People have always found an interest in enhancing their environment. But as with any new technology, their needs to be guidance for adopting XR. There needs to be a place for people to engage in immersive thinking and exploring many solutions to solve world problems. XR brings another level of education. And it will inevitably bring us a little bit closer.

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