Life isn’t just a group of words to follow. Life is an adventure to live out.

When thinking about what could be and what was, it’s humbling to know we are better off than we were in the past. Humanity has surpassed boundaries once thought impossible. We’ve harnessed the ability to turn simple representations of quantities and make it a art form to discover the secrets of the universe. We have mimicked life itself through art and innovations. With the telescope mimicking the eye. The wheel mimicking travel. The computer mimicking the human brain. Our determination as a species in search of freedom has terraformed the environment we call home. As an individual and as one, I can only be humble to the great minds that continue to make humanities progress possible.

Hello. I’m the guy from around your screen. An enthusiast in the development of the world. A curious mind of humanities innovations. An intricate coding of nature seeking the intricate coding of nature. A ordinary human, humbled to live in an extraordinary age. Let us both explore the magical creations humanity has to offer. With every step in technology and every dream created into reality, a new world is formed. One day you will peer around your screen to see a unrecognizable and extravagant world.

Welcome to Around Your Screen.