Humans are imaginative creatures. And when our imaginations began to feel constraints, we ourselves began to feel the constraints of life. Maybe a core reason as to why we persist on advancements in technology, entertainment and what consists of our day-to-day lives. This is the beauty of augmented reality(AR) technology. It embeds itself within our environments, adding another layer to how we experience life. It optimizes the space we use to conduct our activities. AR makes leisure and entertainment that much more fantastical, connecting us to our places of abode in fun and unique ways. There are those who have been forwarding AR apps creation.

ARLoopa Product Showcase

The pursuit of forwarding AR apps for mainstream consumption

ARLoopa has been elevating the brand experience with captivating branded AR applications. The power of webAR is harnessed for cloud-based app deployment. Meaning no need to download additional apps to transfer to the experience. Virtual reality(VR) app development is also part of their expertise. They believe that AR unlocks a hidden and magical realm of capabilities within the physical world. Leveraging augmented reality technology, allows people to enhance their vision of the world.

ARLoopa creating captivating AR for the imaginative experience

JarIt is ARLoopa’s specialized AR app for viewing delectable food from different restaurants. The applications provides next-level restaurant experience, by offering customers an hi-def view of the dishes before ordering. This effectively increases customer satisfaction, as they know what their food will look like. The studio team heads out to the clients restaurant and extract’s photogrammetric 3D data from prepared menu items. Afterwards, the digitized dishes can be hosted over ARLoopa’s cloud service or white labeled with a tailored design AR app. Markers are also created, to ensure access to photorealistic dishes. JarIt offers different plans with varying features, including number of digital scans, analytical data and dedicated support. A perfect application of forwarding AR apps for next level restaurant experiences.

For those who’s into fashion, will enjoy ARLoopa’s watch application. Watchmakers, including Rolex, Tissot and Geneve have had their premium watches photogrammetrically scanned, in order for customers to virtual try on their products. With AR-Watches, a downloading tracking image is provided and used to place the digitized watch on the wrist. After fitting the tracking image, different watches can be explored, potentially leading to a sell. Watch manufacturers can also host on the ARLoopa’s service or have their own customized AR application.

Interior decoration is also receiving a lift from AR applications with ARLoopa’s interiAR app. The application enables people to place furniture within a designated area. Instead of relying on printed trackers, planar detection implemented with utilization of ARKit. Interior design and furniture companies can have their products photogrammetrically scanned and hosted for people to try within their homes or office space. Seems only natural that such companies would adopt AR technology for product showcasing. Better to view the furniture in the space it will be placed in, rather than at the retail center.

ARLoopa’s JarIt app for virtual representation of food dishes

Forwarding AR apps fosters an AR community

To access their extensive library of augmented apps, people are free to download the branded ARLoopa App. Various types of XR and 3D content can be explored and played with. Users can also create and upload their on AR content for public access. The application is also used to view branded applications from the production of ARLoopa. Marker-based, marker-less and location-based AR is all present within the XR content library. Users can visit the website for downloadable markers, which can be activated by the application. This openness to AR content, makes it easy to forward AR apps for mainstream adoption.

ARLoopa has already catered to Coca-Cola, King Garden, Cosmopolitan, Cinema Quest and other recognized brands. Their partners include DreamShots, Aurora BarĂ©alisse, American University of Armenia and Antares Media Holding. A true testament to ARLoopa’s dedication to propelling the AR industry. Surely as the masses increasingly institute AR into their day-to-day routine, will you peer Around Your Screen to find ARLoopa an household name.

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