It’s has been a fantastical dream for the longest time to live in a Blade Runner style world. With all kinds of digital augmentations bursting out, mesmerizing the human brain. Our ancestors would of thought of such things as forbidden magic. Now in modern day, with the augmented reality(AR) taking hold on society, it is no longer a fantastical fantasy but concrete reality with concrete benefits. Companies are already utilizing this next-gen technology to enhance their own brands. Bringing immersive story-telling, visceral product interactions and just fun, caricatured AR experiences. But if you are a brand, who can you rely on to develop a one of a kind branded AR solution to make your business pop?

Epic Augmented Reality – Company Edition

Specializing in caricatured AR and more

FlyAR has been at it for over a decade, delivering high-quality, highly engaging branded AR experiences. Frans Tihver√§inen(CEO) and Eero Salminen(CTO) knew from the gecko that AR will have significant impact on modern day society and founded FlyAR. Including Nico Saarela(3D artist) and Sebastion Aho(freelance), they produce unique AR experiences for brands, education, events and fun. The dedicated AR production team creates “custom solutions using the most suitable tools to meet [their] clients needs.” To ensure productive and effective workflow, they use specialized AR tools to meet specific project requirements. Zappar, Immersal and Unity are their favored tools to use.

To signify their credentials in caricatured AR experiences, the FlyAR business card is embedded with webAR content. The card is a special AR tracker, that display’s a miniatured AR version of the office. When activated, the office comes through the card in a bubble and pops. Caricatured versions of the studio crew can be seen working diligently on their computers or watching a midnight movie. A great way for showcasing 3D animation, audio, text, links and other types of content within an AR format.

AR Digital Vinyl For MATERO

Elevating the music market with augmentation

To put a little more pop in music, FlyAR developed a signature webAR experience for promoting MATERO’s new single, “Kalman Ajomies.” A round flyer tracker is used for AR activation. When activated, the flyer converts to a vinyl disc, being played by on a needle. 3D peripheral menu items are also present, giving the option to find METERO on Instagram, Spotify and Apple Store, as well as an augmented start/stop button. The artist himself signified that “FlyAR has updated digital and traditional music promotion to a whole new level.”

Augmented Reality 3D visualization for Helsinki City

Caricatured AR experiences for Helsinki City

For the city of Helsinki, FlyAR was commissioned to create an living-scale model of different renovations of the city. Residents are part of city-planning through participatory budgeting. The AR models is another way the inform their residents about renovative projects. Such as location of a new outdoor public gym or pathways through the woods. Minna Kattari found “their passionate but relaxed approach to augmenting reality gets their customers very excited about it.”

Honestly, the list of projects FlyAR has been apart of is endless. Continuously adding to their AR portfolio, witch entertaining, educational and branded augmented caricatured AR experiences. Who knew working with next-level technology could be so fun. FlyAR did, hence why they continue to propel whats possible in the AR realm. As extended reality(XR) becomes more mainstream, we may feel the signature impact of their work. Coming to a business card near you!

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