Extended reality(XR) is one of those magical mediums that allows complete freedom of human expression. XR let’s us alter our environments best suited for our journey in life. We are already close to our devices, relying on them for everyday interactions. Elevated XR experiences will allow us to immerse our devices in our physical reality. Companies and public institutions are already diving in XR, leveraging the potential of immersive technologies. Job on-boarding and training has seen significant improvement with XR. Colleges have provided meaningful impactful immersive experiences for students. And brands are delivering unparalleled experiences encapsulating their consumers.

Who is producing elevated XR experiences

When it comes to widespread adoption of XR technology, Groove Jones is single handedly setting the standards for elevated XR experiences. The XR production studio has been producing compelling XR applications since 2015. To keep Groove Jones grooving, the studio incorporates an eclectic team of XR experts, with skillsets ranging from graphic design and content creation to project management and brand engineering. But what’s an artist without their tools. This is why they sport a high tech virtual reality development lab in Dallas, Tx. The room-scale VR workspace plus hand-picked digital tools, means Groove Jones have the capabilities to unleash high-fidelity XR experiences.

Groove Jones and Raypacks solution for learning the AVIA pool heater

One XR solution to come out of their development lab was for residential and commercial pool professionals. Raypack wanted to provide an realistic virtual training simulation for their AVIA pool heater. They believe the best way to learn is by doing and leverage VR to give individuals necessary hands on training, for proper installation of the pool heater. HTC Vive Pro system was the choice of hardware to transport people into the virtual training environment. This is a significant use case of VR. This means XR provides manufacturing companies the ability to teach people more effectively on how to use and install their products safely.

“A Flood of Reality” VR Motion Ride Experience Teaser

The Ark Encounter brings attendees right to the day of The Great Flood

Location based entertainment(LBE) venues also benefit from elevated XR experiences. Virtual Truth Experiences, a company focused on biblical experiences, partnered with Groove Jones to journey back to the moments of Noah and the Ark, named The Ark Encounter. Combining both the MX4D® Motion EFX Experience seat and HTC Vive VR headset, people are immersed in an visceral biblical journey. At the start of the adventure, people enter a time capsule which is accompanied by a bot named P.O.D.. It takes a few time jumps before P.O.D. calibrates correctly to jump to the moments of when the Ark was being built. These moments include Noah’s son’s planning and constructing, the paired animals boarding the vessel and the Great Flood. This adventure can be encountered at Truth Traveler.

Victoria’s Dia De Los Muertos AR Campaign

Elevating product packaging with elevated XR experiences

Brands of course have been investing in XR tech for increasing brand engagement and providing consumers a refreshing way to interact with their products. Groove Jones produced an fantastical and artful augmented reality application for Constellation Brands’ Victoria Dia De Los Muertos campaign. Package labels and intricately designed coasters were used to activate the webAR experience. Once activated, unique art is brought to life, representing the themes of Life and Death in celebration of the Mexican holiday. It is an experience that’s easily shareable with the pass of a bottle and entertains the consumer with mesmerizing art. An excellent adaption of branded AR.

Interactive Otter Chat for the St. Louis Aquarium

Bringing XR into locaation based venues

These are only but a few companies who’ve relied on Groove Jones XR services. They provide business solutions, branded XR content, LBE venue experiences and their proprietary Groove Tech. GrooveTech is a packaged set of hardware and software technologies for location based on-site activation and experiences. Their full size human scanner, XR Avatar Station, captures 3D data for constructing personalized holographic avatars. St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station used GrooveTech to their Otter Chat interactive talk show. Tommy the Otter, an North American River Otter engage attendees in real-time, enhancing the level of engagement to the attraction.

A beautiful future to explore

Amusement parks, industrial manufacturers and consumer brands are finding their businesses beautified with elevated XR experiences. Another level of dimension of media opens another level of dimension for the business to express itself. XR is another way to satisfy the human curiosity. To fulfill the fantastical landscape we imagine within ourselves. Groove Jones XR studio deserve much respect for leading the way in premium immersive experiences, pushing the bounds of the human imagination. Extended reality is truly extending human reach.

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