Augmented reality(AR) is such an beautiful and effective media. Where the real world becomes digitized to enhance how we experience it. There is a basic conceptual foundation, yet complex methodologies for stabilized AR experiences. First, digital objects needs to be tracked in relation to the physical environment. Second, the screen door and shutter effect needs to be resolved to reduce the uncanny effects of digital objects. Third, digital objects need to interact with the physical environment in a realistic way. Fourth, people need to have intuitive and seamless interactions with digital objects in the physical environment.

Fortunately, dedicated individuals have came up with various methodologies to achieve these. These people have formed their own studios to help those wanting to skip the rigorous work of AR creation and get straight to developing the experience itself, rather than the mechanics of AR. This is great for brands who now can go to an AR studio for streamlining AR production for branded AR experiences.

Rock Paper Reality Augmented Reality Gift CArds

Rock Paper Reality propelling AR

With over 12 years of AR development experience, Rock Paper Reality(RPR) is a pioneering studio offering brands an convenient way to create stabilized AR experiences. “Rock Paper Reality is an Augmented Reality design agency that helps startups and Fortune 500s in marketing, education, entertainment, and retail agencies harness the full value of AR.” The dedicated AR studio is led by Bobby King(Founder, COO), Patrick Johnson(Founder, CEO), Preston Platt(Founder, CTO) and Jiten Dajee(Head of Digital Strategy). Their leadership has won them Best-In-Show at the renowned extended reality(XR) event coordinator, Augmented World Expo.

Digital services for stabilized AR experiences

They offer valuable services, including AR app production, unique AR gift packaging, WebAR implementation and expert consulting for effective AR experiences. With so many years in AR development they have a robust toolset for AR production. ARKit, AR Core, Vuforia, 8th Wall are only the few XR tools Rock Paper Reality utilizes to bring AR content to life. The AR studio also has the expertise to implement AR for mobile devices(iOS/Android), XR head-mounted-displays(Lenovo Explore/Hololens/Magic Leap) and WebAR. Magic Leap and Hololens has been increasingly adopted by companies in various industries. Useful for visual prototyping of ideas and integrated environment on-board training, which Rock Paper Reality has the very means to do.

The Siduri Holographic Experience

Fantastical media for product packaging

Siduri, a subsidiary of Jackson Family Wines and distinguished Pinot Noir specialist, partnered with RPR to produce a leading photorealistic WebAR experiences for wine connoisseurs. The WebAR app introduces people to holographic Adam Lee, the founder of Siduri, where he takes them on a fun adventure of shenanigans. RPR called on Microsoft’s volumetric capture team to create the hologram of Adam Lee. With holographic Adam Lee, various 3D digital assets, smart partnership for effective workflow, the Siduri wine bottle is brought to life. The objective of the Siduri AR application is to increase brand engagement and provide customers an unique way interact with their products. The experience is accessible through the QR code on the wine bottle label.

SAATCHI Art AR Experience

Immersive application for selecting Saatchi hosted art pieces

For the art lovers or those wanting to redecorate their abodes with beautiful pieces of artwork, will find value in Saatchi Art WebAR application, “View In A Room”. RPR developed an AR showcase app, where people could try out different art pieces on their wall. Utilizing 8th Wall’s WebAR platform, millions of art pieces by nearly 100k artists can be viewed without downloading any application. One of the largest e-commerce AR application to date. Giving people the ability to physically see how an piece of art will look in their homes or other places increases sales, reduces product returns and enhances the customer experience. And the fact there is no need to download additional applications makes for a smoother sales channel. “View In A Room” has re-imagined the e-commerce experience, giving costumers a more visceral approach to buying product or in this case, artwork.

Propelling stabilized AR experiences

What used to be seen only in science fiction, is now reality with dedicated XRists proving the value of augmented reality. After all, we already rely on heavy computing devices for our day-to-day activities. How about use that computational power to elevate the way we experience life. This is what Rock Paper Reality offers brands and people who connect with their captivating experiences. A studio that will be recognized from Around Your Screen.

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