No one could of imagined the impact that extended reality(XR) technology would have on society. With multiple varieties and versions of XR head-mounted-displays(HMD) propagating the XR marketplace, extensive libraries of XR applications being compiled and brands utilizing XR for enhancing brand-engagement, it’s easy to see how XR tech will significantly impact our day-to-day lives. The realization of the potential of XR and it’s real-life applications sparked much XR tech studio development to make it kinetic.

Trigger Reel 2021

XR tech studio on the ground

For nearly 10 years, even before the release of the pioneering Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the XR tech studio, TriggerXR, has been producing jaw-dropping XR applications for enhancing the consumer experience. TriggerXR “believes in the power of XR to tell stories and bring immersive worlds, characters, and brands to life like never before.” With and eclectic team of experts, over 200k of development hours and 200 plus projects in their portfolio, makes them the go-to solution for producing high-fidelity XR experiences. Industry leading brands, including Disney, TikTok, Google and Lucas Films relied on TriggerXR’s experience for creating immersive and visceral content for leveled-up brand experiences.

Disney partnered with TriggerXR studio and Google to bring Star Wars fans closer to the iconic characters of The Mandalorian. Fans were able to download an augmented reality(AR) application, transporting the characters into their immediate environment. For instance, fans could invite the Mandalorian into their homes, where he would shows off his rocket gauntlet and care-taking abilities for Grogu. The Star Wars AR experience featured 5 different scenes that the character’s enacted out in the physical environment. The app was also to demonstrate the computing power of the Google Pixel. A perfect partnership for enlightening the masses about AR and bringing them closer to the Star Wars franchise.

Haagen-Dazs 60th Anniversary Snapchat Lens Demo

Häagen-Dazs elevates their ice-cream packaging with TriggerXR

For ice-cream connoisseurs or the average grocery shopper, have surely came across the premium ice-cream maker, Häagen-Dazs. To celebrate their 60th anniversary in ice-cream production, the ice-cream seller relied on TriggerXR to bring their original ice-cream shop into their consumer’s home. Consumers were able to buy the 60th anniversary labeled ice-cream container and activate the experience with a optimally placed Snap code.

When activated, the ice-cream container does the signature half split, revealing the original Brooklyn shop inside. People then explore the shop and brand, modifying their own delightful ice-cream treat. Just as if they where at the ice-cream shop themselves. After going through the experience, the consumer is given a special thank-you card. With embedded AR features, it would be no surprise if ice-cream and XR enthusiasts keep the ice-cream container as an XR collector’s item.

Meeting brand objectives with the XR tech studios expertise

The dedicated XR studio offers much value for brands seeking XR deployment. They offer innovative strategies for achieving clients key performance indicators(KPIs), marketing and creative vision setting. Specialized XR UI/UX design, motion XR, story-telling and game design are just the many tools TriggerXR utilizes for creating engaging branded XR content. Voice recognition, artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) are also on their toolbelt. To ensure the experience is stable before launch, prototyping and user testing is employed for a high-fidelity product for the client and their consumers.

When their clients branded XR experience is done in rigorous production, clients have the option to deploy via WebAR, downloadable application, on social AR(Snapchat Lens) or as ad units. Once launched, clients can access user metrics, such as the amount of engagements and dwell time(time spent in XR experience). User metrics can allow brands to refine the XR application, develop even more meaningful brand engagement and get a little bit closer to the consumers heart.

Propelling the future of XR

The experience and expertise of TriggerXR is invaluable for any brand or business seeking XR implementations to meet their objectives. Are more businesses and brands seek out strategy-optimizing solutions , XR tech studio TriggerXR, as many others, will be necessary for facile implementation. We will always look to our thoughts for ideas, but it will be important to have solutions to convert those ideas into tactile applications. TriggerXR will definitely be seen as the studio bringing people’s imaginations to concrete, or rather extended reality.

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