When extended reality(XR) was realized in 2016, with the release of the Oculus Rift, many studios and developers jumped on board to propel the immersive industry. XR comes in many forms, including virtual, augmented and mixed reality(VR/AR/MR). Many effective XR solutions have came about in recent years. XR studios have created XR marketplaces, streamlined XR creations, fostered XR communities and proved use cases for XR tech. Major industries like manufacturing, medical, marketing and education have benefited from XR. XR provides effective training simulations with reduced risks. It connects employees remotely in a digitized environment. As well as enhancing brand engagement.

OKKO AR- Christmas 2019 / WeAR Studio Showcase

Streamlined XR creations for optimizing brand engagement

WeAR is one XR pioneer who “design and develop immersive experiences to solve business and industry problems.” They have been at this for nearly 4 years, bringing XR conceptions to launch and providing valuable consultation. OKKO, Telenor, Pepsi, Budweiser and many other prominent brands have partnered with WeAR for marketing and app solutions. During Pepsi’s “#Summergram” marketing campaign, hundreds of Pepsi-inspired AR Instagram filters where made accessible via QR codes on Pepsi bottles. During the holidays in 2019, WeAR developed a Christmas-inspired AR karaoke application for OKKO’s coffee branded cups.

What kind of XR apps does WeAR produce?

But what is it that WeAR exactly does? What kind of streamlined XR creations do they produce? WeAR creates customized solutions for mobile applications, social media, webAR, projected media, full-room immersion, customized VR simulations and the whole sha-bang. A one-stop shop for any immersive experience brands and businesses want to implement. Whether it be creating an AR apps from scratch or VR training environments.

ARGram chat app – MiniPeeps Showcase

Their AR implementations have garnished much recognition. The founder and CEO of MiniPeeps, Mohamad Al Srouji commends them, stating “they treat your project as their own and build their solution alongside you, always wanting you to succeed.” This unwavering dedication to superb XR project launches has allowed them to speak in over 25 conferences, publicized in over 10 press sites and be listed as the top 5 XR studio. Project manager from OKKO, Taras Hrytsun recognizes “their creativity and development expertise sets them apart from others in the industry.” And they have an extensive collection of projects to prove so.

The Allo virtual store is another perfect example of how WeAR leverages AR for enhancing customer’s brand experience. The immersive shop contains 800 products to be explored and viewed in the customer’s physical environment. It also features a filter for product sizes, depending on the available space in the physical environment. Allo is one of Ukrainian’s largest electronics retailer. To bring the store to the customer, especially during the pandemic, brings the customer closer to the brand. A great use-case in how brands are leveraging streamlined XR creations.


Streamlined XR creations for mixed reality applications

The XR studio also produces mixed reality solutions. Mixed reality is the next level of AR, where digital objects are not only overlaid in the physical world, but literally meshes or blends with it. Obscuring the perception of what is real and digital. VR solutions completely immerses people in a digitized environment, removing all elements of the physical world. Both XR implementations can be used for effective remote training. Useful for more visceral telecommunication. A way for people to enhance their workflow when working remotely. For any sort of desired XR implementation, WeAR is happy to consult with you for the best strategic approach. After all, they’ve been at this XR production thing for awhile now.

WeAR in short…

In short, WeAR provides streamlined XR creations for effective applications of XR for businesses and brands. A necessary service for enhancing consumer experience and brand engagement. Keep up to date with latest XR endeavors and news on their blog. But if you do not peek at their blog, surely you will peek Around Your Screen to find WeAR a household name.

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