The arcade used to be the place people would go to have a visceral and tactile gaming experiences. It was the place to test your gaming skills against the public. Arcade’s were notorious for having “unbeatable” games, driving hardcore gamers to break the machine. But also a place where peers, friends and families could have a fun time. A vibrant culture was built around the arcade experience. What happened to the arcade industry? Where did the arcades go? Are the on the outskirts of society now? Just maybe, but with the emergence of VR arcade management platforms, arcades could once again be a popular place of social engagement and exploring new exclusive immersive experiences.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught Arcade

Location Based Entertainment Venues benefit from VR Arcade management platform

SpringboardVR, a Vertigo Games acquisition, is a recognized solution for setting up a VR arcade. When VR was realized with the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, there wasn’t too many VR marketplaces set up to easily find and experience VR content. This has been slowly solved with VR marketplaces like SideQuest VR. But still wasn’t quite solving the dilemma of serving LBE venues that could greatly benefit from VR tech.

LBE venues have the open space that many people may not want to invest in their own homes. VR can be experienced without consumers having invest in their own VR gear. These locations could also serve as a firsthand experiences that could lead to personal investment in VR gear. LBE venues would be the way cheaper alternative to theme parks. Ultimately being places of thriving social engagement and immersive gaming experiences.

A Recap of GDC with SpringboardVR CEO Brad Scoggin

Marketplace of experiences from SpringboardVR

Instead of venue managers having to figure out how to time VR gaming sessions or uploading new VR experiences for arcade goers, SpringboardVR provides an all-in-one VR management platform. In addition to the extensive SpringboardVR marketplace, in addition to HAZE VR, venue managers have access plenty of titles to curate from. Individual booth game installations are automated for added selected VR games. Meaning no manual game installs for each VR booth.

New and Improved SpringboardVR Marketplace

Session timing with Springboard’s VR arcade management platform

Time spent in sessions are automatically clocked, requiring no need to pull out the stopwatch. Automatic clocking helps with cost management since most of the game through the VR marketplace are pay-by-minute. This brings the quarter-to-play feature for VR experiences in arcades. Essentially, after initial setup, all VR booths connected to the SpringboardVR account is easily maintainable through a single VR management system.

Synth Riders Arcade Settings Guide

VR management for educational institutions

The same platform for managing VR arcades can be used for education objectives. SpringboardVR makes it easier to curate VR content for curriculum plans, through their centralized educational VR marketplace. In-house licensed educators provide content lesson guides for seamless application of educational VR. As with the VR arcade management platform, content can be launched and monitored remotely. Content can also be restricted for each students for individualized lesson plans. Students are also able to request virtual assistance from the instructor without having to be in the same physical space. For cohesive learning, students can be launched in the same station simultaneously.

The sort of VR solution for education is truly revolutionary. Expanding the pace and efficiency at which students learn with gamification of education. Meaning more tactile and interactive learning, being guided by the instructor. Ben Wilkof states “SpringboardVR is the only way I know of to ensure VR runs smoothly and autonomously at our school… where students have to get in and out quickly.” A true statement to how SpringboardVR is impacting educational practices.

Springboard is propelling the future

SpringboardVR is a solid solution for managing VR experiences remotely. Making conducting business in VR effortlessly as well as enhancing the learning experience. What was being pondered as a use-case of virtual reality no too long ago, is now being proven with solutions that SpringboardVR offers. Maybe the next VR arcade you visit, you will see the power of SpringboardVR.

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