Within the past few years, there has been a significant increase in production of extended reality(XR) applications. Through these endeavors to propel the XR industry, many use cases has emerged and been proven to be effective. Brands have found XR media to enhance brand engagement. Branded XR solutions provides exponentially more content real-estate for brands to tell their story and make informational content entertaining(infotainment). This allows consumers a more visceral experience when exploring products and services without them having to purchase and test-drive. Individuals have already utilized and produced XR when applying photo filters or live digital effects on video streams. This is easily seen on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. But there immersive experiences wouldn’t be as prevalent without dedicated development teams and XR enthusiasts pushing the bounds of XR technology.

Award winning studio enhancing brand strategy

MediaSquad is an XR production studio based in Austria. They have been a trusted for various branded XR solutions. Their immersive media solutions gained them the 2020 VR Enterprise solution of the Year award and Prix Victoria 2020 VR experience award. Making recruitment pamphlets interactive with quizzes or developing a full-scale virtual training environment is very much within their expertise. Best stated by the MediaSquad, “with great attention to detail, perfect user experience design and seasoned with a pinch of gamification, we create virtual presentations, trainings, showrooms and assessments.”

BRP-ROTAX VR Job Assesment Trailer

Branded XR solutions used for assessing job recruits

The BRP-Rotax job assessment virtual reality(VR) application is what won them the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year Award. BRP-Rotax turned to MediaSquad for assessing potential recruits on their production line. Manufacturing production lines have inherit risks, due to how fast and alert an employee has to be to keep to schedule. The VR job assessment provides BRP-Rotax real-time performance data on potential recruits. This reduces the risk of hiring an employee to see how they’ll perform on the job, reducing recruitment costs. It is a high-fidelity VR solution for assisting BRP-Rotax in filtering out applicants.

MillVR: Nine Men’s Morris Gameplay Trailer

Immersive gameplay is part of MediaSquad’s repertoire

Though MediaSquad can develop high-end XR solutions for enterprise businesses, doesn’t mean they’re all work and no play. Mühle VR is an competitive VR game based on a German board game. Players are placed within a Roman inspired environment to face off. Each player receives 9 pieces in which they must strategically move around the board to eliminate the other players pieces by creating mühles, a.k.a. mills. A mill is created with 3 pieces either aligned horizontally or vertically. The winner is determined when an opponent only has 2 pieces left. Players have an option to compete against a computer or another person in VR. Mühle VR is available on the Oculus Store.

INNIO Jenbacher – Lehre bei INNIO – Trailer

Branded AR solutions for educational handbooks

Since MediaSquad is an all-around XR production studio, they are also a trusted solution in augmented reality(AR) production. INNIO Jenbacher commissioned the squad digitally augment an educational book targeted towards young learners. The book presents pop-out mini-games, 3D models of engines and unlockable content exploring INNIO Jenbacher. There are achievements that can be attained. When necessary achievements are attained the learners will unlock the ultimate goal, Application Plus. This gamification of printed media makes for much more engaging learning experiences, verses viewing flat content. The educational AR book has been featured on Wikitude.

DINKHAUSER – App Packaging AR App – Trailer

Trade fairs benefiting from branded XR solution

During the Career & Competence trade fair, the premium jewelry producer Swarovski had MediaSquad work on the Endless Facets AR App. Attendees could download the app and point their smart device towards a specialized wall, displaying various interactive data about the company. Data such as amount of water recycled from jewelry production and real-time location of sellers across the world can be viewed. The AR wall was an digitized pop-out experience, increasing brand engagement and enlightening attendees. This is the sort of branded XR solutions that all trade fairs should consider when enhancing their attendees experience.

There is still much to discover in the realm of XR. But seeing dedicated XR studios like MediaSquad, signifies that XR is becoming an valued solution for companies and brands to implement. After all, in the age of accelerating technology, it is only beneficial to elevate people’s day-to-day experiences. Interacting with brands, companies and individuals is part of those experiences. Now it’s time to embrace our endeavors with a little bit of XR.

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