Augmented reality(AR) has connected people to each other in ways yet to be explored. Letting us mesh our imagination with what’s known as reality. AR keeps people connected to their environment, rather than disconnected. A known annoyance when it comes to conversating with someone who is distracted by their companion tech. Streamlined AR production is already used to enhance brand engagement. The space provided by product packaging for brands to convey information is significantly increased with AR. Branded AR games implemented in printed advertisement will significantly increase brand loyalty. Environment integrated immersive applications provide worthwhile experiences while keeping people present in the physical environment.

Blackwell Rum AR Packaging

Propelling streamlined AR production

Zappar is amongst the pioneering studios, enabling brands and individuals to create captivating augmented reality experiences. Hence their “mission is to make the world scannable by democratizing AR,” through streamlined AR production. Nestle, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers and Disney have partnered with Zappar to launch AR-enabled marketing campaigns. The extended reality(XR) studio provides a new level of interaction consumers consumption. Storytelling, events and just fun stuff can be hosted within the expanded space AR offers.

Augmented Reality for Retail – 7 Eleven | Deadpool Invasion

Rapid AR adoption with brands using Zappar’s AR solution

To celebrate the birthday of Nestlé’s Koko Crunch, Zappar created an immersive experience for children to dance with Koko and share on social media. Demonstrating the use of immersive product packaging. For 7-Elevens Always -on AR campaign, people could enter a competitive Slurpee dance game to become the Ultimate Slurpee Dancer. An effective marketing campaign for encouraging customers to download the 7Rewards app. In partnership with StoneOakMedia, the Solar System Expedition workbook was created for STEM Learning. Touring students through the universe as they learn how to take measurements and report information.

STEM learning with AR

ZapWorks gets developers in on the action

With immense expertise in creating compelling AR media, the XR studio released their own software-development-kit(SDK) for AR creation. ZapWorks is a robust XR editor platform for development teams implementing AR. Face, world and image tracking allows varying ways to trigger AR experiences. 3D objects, videos and photos can be utilized for creating desired AR experiences. For coders, JavaScript is implementable for more complex animations. The list continues when it comes to what ZapWorks Studio features.

When the streamlined AR production projects are ready to be launched, there are the choices to publish on Zappar’s AR app, embed it within an app or with WebAR for browser access. There are three plans available with the SDK. The Starter plan is for one developer with 10MB of project space. The Pro plan is for 3 developers with 25MB of project space. Finally the Enterprise plan includes up to 10 developers with 50MB or more of project space. Enterprise subscribers also benefit from workshops, custom domain for self-hosted WebAR experiences and priority support. ZapWorks Studio is a trusted platform utilized by leading brands, including Coca-Cola, PUMA, Deloitte and FlyAR.

ZapWorks User Showcase: Studio | flyAR – Lujatalo – Interactive 3D

Streamlined AR Production fortified with proprietary AR headset

Zappar continues to benefit the AR sector with their own affordable mixed reality(MR) Kickstarter headset named ZapBox. With price range around $40, ZapBox comes with 2 controllers, tracking pads, lens adapter and cardboard headset. Since it’s in the early stages of development, not all smart-devices are compatible. But if you have an iPhone 6 and later or Samsung Galaxy S7-8 then you’re good to go. ZapBox is currently only able to showcase ZapWorks Studio creations. This shouldn’t be the biggest concern, as there is a plethora of AR content to explore through their platform.

AR is stabilizing in it’s adoption. As more people find their own personal interests with AR, streamlined AR production solutions must be developed for people to further explore their interest. There will need to be solutions that set the standard. There will need to be solutions like Zappar.

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