Augmented reality(AR) has spurred much innovation for enhancing brand engagement. Also adding another level to social engagement. Brands have used AR for people to virtual try out products. Turning smartphones into magical fitting rooms. Product packaging can tell a brand’s story through AR. Companies have already enhanced their products with AR games. Providing immersive features for people to explore brands increases brand engagement. AR extends beyond improving brand experience and has seen a impact on social interactions. It is very obvious with the various filters people have become accustomed to on social media. People now have visceral brand and social interactions without the barrier of the flat digital screen, bursting through the 8th wall.

8th Wall 2021 Show Reel

Bringing augmented reality to the masses

8th Wall is one distinguished extended reality(XR) development platform propelling AR media. It harnesses the power of WebAR, eliminating the need to download an application. An Android or iOS device camera is used to scan QR codes, image-targets or other AR targets to trigger AR experiences. People are then transported to the experience online without need of downloading an application. Without requiring people to download another app, removes another barrier for call-to-action. Meaning people get the AR experience faster without contemplating whether to finish downloading the application. This is one benefit 8th Wall’s platform provides when developing augmenting experiences.

For those who have applied face filters on social media apps, may have used an effect developed from 8th Wall. Custom facial attachment points enables AR designers to place virtual objects on users. Face meshes provides another option for applying custom facial designs. These features are great for transforming people into different characters. Or even bring out their own character. Who wouldn’t want to share a video of themselves transforming into a zombie to share on social media?

Israel’s President uses augmented reality to greet nation as a hologram

Proprietary target tracking in 8th Wall tech

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(SLAM) is used for triggering AR experiences through location tracking. 8th Wall’s SLAM tech is tweaked for optimized AR performance on mobile browsers. Their SLAM’s features also includes lighting estimation, instant surface detection and responsive scaling. Another way AR experiences can be triggered is through image tracking. Images can be tracked on flat, cylindrical and conical surfaces. Meaning magazines, bottles, billboards and product packaging can be brought to life through 8th Wall’s tracking tech. The option to use both tracking technologies within a single AR application is present. This gives AR designers more control over the AR experience through AR triggers.

If familiarity using code editors like VS Code or Atom, then 8th Walls editor platform will be easy to navigate. It features a robust text-editor with remote debugging and external library support. 3D frameworks such as A-Frame, ThreeJS and PlayCanvas are pluggable in 8th Wall XR development. AR templates are available for kickstarting a project. Digital creators are not isolated in the development environment. Teams benefit from source control, including team commit history and code isolation. Individuals of teams can be assigned roles through the team management section. Published AR applications are shared with a unique QR code, short-link, modifiable embed buttons or other AR triggering methods.

8th Wall Face Filters

8th Wall elevating the augmented realm

8th Wall has powered many popular AR experiences, enabling a much more intimate approach for brand. For the MTV Video Music Awards Coffee Labs utilized 8th Wall’s platform to produce a AR experience. The experience brought The King from Burger King and Lil’ Yachty into the viewers home for an interactive concert session. AR experiences have been developed to take people out of the homes also. Hoopla Digital UK relied on the XR editor platform to create an immersive LEGO experience. Upon saying “revelio,” people can turn windows into magical portals connecting to the Harry Potter realm. An voice-activated experience that brings fans that much closer to the wizardry world.

There are many popular brands, such as Adidas, Red Bull and Porsche that utilized 8th Wall’s platform. It is proven to be a reliable tool in developing AR experiences. It provides solid tracking capabilities, robust features for interactivity and various ways of sharing. 8th wall set standards for quality and powerful digital augmentation tools. One day you’ll peer Around Your Screen to find 8th wall a household name. Thank you for reading!