With various virtual reality(VR) devices available on the market, like the HTC Vive Cosmos and Oculus Quest II, the way gamers game have been revolutionized. Practically a dream come reality for gamers seeking a deeper, more visceral connection with the characters they inhabit. Crazy to think that arcades were the very few places that people could experience such immersive gameplay. Now gamers can be in the comfort of their own homes, while transporting into a different dimension. Taking first and third person view to another level. Still immersive headsets and games has yet to be the dominate form of playing digital games. Many VR endeavorists have created their own VR marketplace to serve the need of those already adopting next-gen VR headsets.

Oculus Quest ultimate game list

The VR Marketplace for the Oculus Quest adopters

SideQuestVR is among those VR marketplaces, serving those who’ve adopted the Oculus Quest. Make content that’s not yet available on the Oculus Store accessible. And for developers to have their VR(Virtual Reality) content tested and proofed before official release. The marketplace is free to explore and with subscription plans providing extra features. With being members of the Khronos Group and The VR/AR Association, they are dedicated to expanding the VR industry. Oculus is also partnered with them to enhance the development experience for VR creators.

The VR marketplace has plenty of categories to browse, including adventures, puzzles and combat style VR games. There are more niche categories, such as fitness, meditation and hand-tracking. Since writing this, there is currently 22 categories to peruse. On top of that, there’s also option to check out staff picks and recently uploaded VR content. Content with the most discussion and activity becomes more visible on the platform. Top performing and vetted content are highlighted on the website, making it a competitive place for VR creators to prove their content. SideQuestVR also hosts a Discord channel and those who are the most active on channel gain a spot on SideQuestVR’s Legends Roster.

How to install SideQuestVR and Sideload on Oculus Quest II

A VR marketplace with a VR community

Not only can users find cool VR content for their Oculus Quest, but also join communities that share their same interests. A really great way to get involved with the VR community, enabling VR gamers to stay-in-the-loop and give their own personal feedback on related content. Also a great way for VR creators to gain valuable insight for enhancing their VR experiences. Depending on the communities users join, in-game items and giveaway prizes can be attained or won. There is even a chance to get paid to play games by subscribing to the newsletter. Being part of communities only enhances the experience on SideQuestVR. Since writing this, there are currently 186 hosted SideQuestVR communities.

15 Free Sideload Games on SideQuestVR

SideQuest has not forgot about the VR developer

SideQuestVR does provide a service for creators to boost their VR content. When VR creators sign up to the platform, they can run promotional campaigns on the Feature Banner of the homepage or as an listing infill, displaying the ad in various parts of the website. After choosing placement of ads, campaigns can run continuously or during a set period, granted you enough available funds. Multiple marketing campaigns can also be ran consecutively. Bids can be placed for these spots, with the highest bidder taking precedence. Similar to how Google Adwords work but for VR.

The platform is reminiscent of Steam, where people who own the Oculus Quest can access a catalog of VR games and content. With more VR artists and VR enthusiasts entering the VR world, there will need to be marketplace like SideQuestVR to help facilitate VR gaming. Just as Steam became an household name for the gamer, SideQuestVR will become an household name for the VR gamer.

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