There are a variety of AR headsets and eyewear to check out, such as Oculus Quest, Varjo XR-3 and Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality. Most modern smartphones are compatible with mobile XR headsets like the Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream, VR Shinecon, Powis Custom and Mattel View Master for accessing immersive content. There is an increasing online inventory of AR content to be discovered. Companies, developers and expert enthusiasts have developed AR production platforms and software-development-kits(SDKs). Businesses, brands and individuals today now have an streamline the process for creating AR content and experiences.

Blending Realities with ARCore

ARCore for AR production

Provided by Google’s team, ARCore is an augmented reality SDK, designed to “build new augmented reality experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical world.” There’s much to consider for creating smooth AR experiences. One is developing high-fidelity AR tracking suitable for overlaying digital media within the physical environment.

Handling tracking for AR production

ARCore SDK implements various code methodologies such as simultaneous localization and mapping(SLAM) for motion tracking, feature points for anchoring AR content to physical environment. Gathered environment’s lighting/perspective data help seamlessly mesh AR content in the real world. ARCore is even capable of remembering the position of all digital media, whenever the AR-enabled device enters and exits an area.

ALVAR and ARCore Tracking Demo

It first utilizes instant-tracking to quickly place digital media in the captured area. Google’s ARCore utilizes machine learning techniques to consistently update the data gathered from the environment and more accurately position AR media. To ensure the AR media in the physical environment is where it should be, ARCore’s SDK allows the developer to declare anchors or object-markers in a scene for positioning other A media. Developers can place digital content behind real world objects through light detection and depth-maps. Depth-maps are images that contain data about all environment surfaces using the smartphones RGB camera.

Create AR experiences for the wider audience

ARCore applications are accessible by anyone using a certified android or iOS device. Certified devices are android or iOS devices that have undergone the ARCore’s checklist of “quality of the camera, motion sensors,… design architecture…” and CPU performance for optimal real-time calculations. Devices undergo pre-qualifying registration. The ARCore SDK is also optimized for a unified user experience across all certified devices. Developers have already utilized ARCore for connecting people with live maintenance support for their home(Streem), creating games using facial expressions as inputs(TendAR) and customizing a prospective home-buyers experience to their unique taste(Curate).

When it comes to dedicated tools for AR production, ARCore is a trusted one. For greenthumbs of the AR world or veteran AR artists, there is extensive documentation for reference. ARCore brings creativity to a new level. Wouldn’t be far fetch to say, ARCore is a distinguished platform for AR production.

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