For brand engagement, it’s of great benefit that companies enhance the way their customers or clients interact with their product or services. This one of the major benefits of Extended Reality(XR) or immersive digital media experiences. This includes digital content being present in the physical environment(Augmented Reality(AR)) through AR tracking or full visual/haptic transportation into virtual environment(Virtual Reality(VR)).

These immersive experiences is accessible through use of XR devices like Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Epson Moverio and various others. With consumer-ready XR devices available in marketplace or people simply being able to experience XR content through their smartphones, companies can enhance the experience for their brand. Understanding the the need for brands and businesses to have access to XR tools for next-level customer and client experiences, software developers and expert enthusiasts sought out to create XR editor platforms for fulfilling this need.

Who is Wikitude?

Founded in 2008 and based in Salzburg, Austria, Wikitude is one such AR-focused company that has “embarked on a journey to take augmented reality to new levels of performance and capability.” They provide an AR toolset businesses need to create meaningful AR experiences and solutions across industries. After the initial release of their flag-shipped location-based AR application, the company realized that other businesses could utilize their AR editor platform to create content that’ll increase return-on-investment(ROI) for customer and client acquisition and retention.

Allowing prospect customers to engage with products or services on a much more visceral level, will give them a sense of deeper connection or understanding of the product, service or brand. This will in turn increase their chances of buying the product or service and increase brand loyalty. Martin Herdina(CEO), Philipp Nagele(CTO), Nicola Radacher(COO), the expert team at Wikitude and their various partnerships(Kwest Studio(AR Studio), CITUS(Software Engineering Company), BeomanFX(Gamification Studio), RealityBlu(AR Company)) ensure the continued operation and robustness of the Wikitude software-development-kit(SDK) to meet the needs of brands and enthusiasts.

A bit about Wikitude’s AR tracking tech

Wikitude specializes in how digital content is overlayed on the physical environment, either through use their proprietary location-based, image/marker-based, cylinder-based, simultaneous localization and mapping(SLAM) AR tracking technology. Extremely important for creating seamless and immersive augmented reality experiences. If you’re wanting to animate your 2D brand logo on a product, Wikitude can do that. Wikitude has you covered for geo-location based AR animation. You want to visually augment recongizable real-world objects, Wikitude has already slammed that for you. This all comes with the AR SDK.

It is free to get start creating with Wikitudes SDK and a great way to discover the various features available. Simply create an account through and “CREATE PROJECT,” or download the SDK for platform of choice. When the AR project is ready to be published, you’ll have to purchase a commercial key. Enabling you to publish on the Wikitude App, app store marketplaces and within your own applications. The XR editor platform is aimed towards businesses seeking a more streamlined way to create augmented reality content to enhance their customers and clients brand experiences, which means publishing rights come with an business-expense price tag.

Who uses Wikitudes AR tracking and editing tech?

Mojokai AR Gamification

Socios, a sports fans rewards company powered by Chiliz($CHZ), utilized Wikitude to create a geo-based AR game where sports fans can collect Fan Tokens. Mojokai, a game boosting company, utilizes the AR platform to gamify product labels and printed media. INNIO Jenbacher, a electric power planning company, has enhanced the recruiting process for apprentices with an informative, gamified AR experience. Nissan has used Wikitude to provide an in-house AR tour for in-depth view of their Nissan LEAF. These is just a few companies that benefits from Wikitude’s technology.

Wikitude is a perfect solution for making AR experiences available everywhere through their tracking technology. They understand the developer needs and know what it takes to create impactful applications of AR. They know what it takes to create impactful applications of augmented reality. Needless to say, they will be known as pioneers within the advent of augmented reality.

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