When it comes to brand engagement, it is no hidden truth that the customer experience is of upmost importance for gaining and retaining business. With the advent of Extended Reality(XR), a form of digital media that alters our perception of the physical environment, brands can now create more engaging and immersive customer experiences. For businesses curious about use-cases and implementation of XR applications, or a developer wanting to showcase your projects and monetize on your XR development skills, then where do you look? Fortunately, there is one company fostering an AR community.

What is this AR Community ?

CatchAR was founded with the main objective “to build a community-based project where XR creators and companies help each other to build the best Augmented & Mixed Reality projects that change the way we interact with digital content and information.” Through this endeavor, CatchAR has fostered growing web-community and marketplace where people can build, sell and support AR applications. The platform focuses solely on augmented reality, form of XR media that overlays the physical environment with digital 3D visuals.

The Power Core running the AR Community

The behind-the-scenes XR experts responsible for the platform includes Dan Zaitsev(Co-founder), Dymtro Zolotar(Co-founder) and Sergey Lagodzinsky(Co-founder). With Dan’s immense insight within the XR industry, Dmytro ‘s first-in-class ability to implement high-fidelity features for web apps and Sergey’s keen eye on UI/UX design for serving superb user experience, this dedicated team has created a platform that’ll allow anyone to explore the capabilites of AR applications and apply it for their own use cases.

What can be done on CatchAR?

The platform has various features enabling users to browse uploaded projects, connect with the creators, keep up to date on latest AR news and upload their own content to be discovered. CatchAR also uses its own algorithm for ranking creators, based on “quality of XR projects, quality of creator profiles, uniqueness of submissions,” and other various factors. If seeking an XR developer or studio, then this enables you to match with creators that will enhance your brands customer experience. On the flip side, developers wanting to monetize their skills or creations, will have the chance to be commissioned for their work.

For XR studios wanting to increase their presence and client base, the platform provides a paid feature named Communities, which allows studios to distribute content across all CatchAR’s channels. Enabling studios to attract other developers/studios for hire/collaboration, create effecient promotional campaigns, as well as receiving support from the core team itself. Though you can browse the site as an guest, you can also upgrade to any of their plans, providing you access to more features. Depending on the subscription, these features include the ability to explore all AR projects, hire AR creators and creating a professional company profile on CatchAR.

All-in-all, CatchAR is a great way to network and share projects pertaining to augmented reality. You’ll just have to check out the sight yourself, for no doubt the AR enthusiast will find this platform satisying.

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