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Forwarding AR Apps to New Levels with ARLoopa

Humans are imaginative creatures. And when our imaginations began to feel constraints, we ourselves began to feel the constraints of life. Maybe a core reason as to why we persist on advancements in technology, entertainment and what consists of our day-to-day lives. This is the beauty of augmented reality(AR) technology. It embeds itself within our environments, adding another layer to how we experience life. It optimizes the space we use to conduct our activities. AR makes leisure and entertainment that much more fantastical, connecting us to our places of abode in fun and unique ways. There are those who have been forwarding AR apps creation.

ARLoopa Product Showcase

The pursuit of forwarding AR apps for mainstream consumption

ARLoopa has been elevating the brand experience with captivating branded AR applications. The power of webAR is harnessed for cloud-based app deployment. Meaning no need to download additional apps to transfer to the experience. Virtual reality(VR) app development is also part of their expertise. They believe that AR unlocks a hidden and magical realm of capabilities within the physical world. Leveraging augmented reality technology, allows people to enhance their vision of the world.

ARLoopa creating captivating AR for the imaginative experience

JarIt is ARLoopa’s specialized AR app for viewing delectable food from different restaurants. The applications provides next-level restaurant experience, by offering customers an hi-def view of the dishes before ordering. This effectively increases customer satisfaction, as they know what their food will look like. The studio team heads out to the clients restaurant and extract’s photogrammetric 3D data from prepared menu items. Afterwards, the digitized dishes can be hosted over ARLoopa’s cloud service or white labeled with a tailored design AR app. Markers are also created, to ensure access to photorealistic dishes. JarIt offers different plans with varying features, including number of digital scans, analytical data and dedicated support. A perfect application of forwarding AR apps for next level restaurant experiences.

For those who’s into fashion, will enjoy ARLoopa’s watch application. Watchmakers, including Rolex, Tissot and Geneve have had their premium watches photogrammetrically scanned, in order for customers to virtual try on their products. With AR-Watches, a downloading tracking image is provided and used to place the digitized watch on the wrist. After fitting the tracking image, different watches can be explored, potentially leading to a sell. Watch manufacturers can also host on the ARLoopa’s service or have their own customized AR application.

Interior decoration is also receiving a lift from AR applications with ARLoopa’s interiAR app. The application enables people to place furniture within a designated area. Instead of relying on printed trackers, planar detection implemented with utilization of ARKit. Interior design and furniture companies can have their products photogrammetrically scanned and hosted for people to try within their homes or office space. Seems only natural that such companies would adopt AR technology for product showcasing. Better to view the furniture in the space it will be placed in, rather than at the retail center.

ARLoopa’s JarIt app for virtual representation of food dishes

Forwarding AR apps fosters an AR community

To access their extensive library of augmented apps, people are free to download the branded ARLoopa App. Various types of XR and 3D content can be explored and played with. Users can also create and upload their on AR content for public access. The application is also used to view branded applications from the production of ARLoopa. Marker-based, marker-less and location-based AR is all present within the XR content library. Users can visit the website for downloadable markers, which can be activated by the application. This openness to AR content, makes it easy to forward AR apps for mainstream adoption.

ARLoopa has already catered to Coca-Cola, King Garden, Cosmopolitan, Cinema Quest and other recognized brands. Their partners include DreamShots, Aurora Baréalisse, American University of Armenia and Antares Media Holding. A true testament to ARLoopa’s dedication to propelling the AR industry. Surely as the masses increasingly institute AR into their day-to-day routine, will you peer Around Your Screen to find ARLoopa an household name.

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Caricatured AR Experiences Propelled By FlyAR

It’s has been a fantastical dream for the longest time to live in a Blade Runner style world. With all kinds of digital augmentations bursting out, mesmerizing the human brain. Our ancestors would of thought of such things as forbidden magic. Now in modern day, with the augmented reality(AR) taking hold on society, it is no longer a fantastical fantasy but concrete reality with concrete benefits. Companies are already utilizing this next-gen technology to enhance their own brands. Bringing immersive story-telling, visceral product interactions and just fun, caricatured AR experiences. But if you are a brand, who can you rely on to develop a one of a kind branded AR solution to make your business pop?

Epic Augmented Reality – Company Edition

Specializing in caricatured AR and more

FlyAR has been at it for over a decade, delivering high-quality, highly engaging branded AR experiences. Frans Tihveräinen(CEO) and Eero Salminen(CTO) knew from the gecko that AR will have significant impact on modern day society and founded FlyAR. Including Nico Saarela(3D artist) and Sebastion Aho(freelance), they produce unique AR experiences for brands, education, events and fun. The dedicated AR production team creates “custom solutions using the most suitable tools to meet [their] clients needs.” To ensure productive and effective workflow, they use specialized AR tools to meet specific project requirements. Zappar, Immersal and Unity are their favored tools to use.

To signify their credentials in caricatured AR experiences, the FlyAR business card is embedded with webAR content. The card is a special AR tracker, that display’s a miniatured AR version of the office. When activated, the office comes through the card in a bubble and pops. Caricatured versions of the studio crew can be seen working diligently on their computers or watching a midnight movie. A great way for showcasing 3D animation, audio, text, links and other types of content within an AR format.

AR Digital Vinyl For MATERO

Elevating the music market with augmentation

To put a little more pop in music, FlyAR developed a signature webAR experience for promoting MATERO’s new single, “Kalman Ajomies.” A round flyer tracker is used for AR activation. When activated, the flyer converts to a vinyl disc, being played by on a needle. 3D peripheral menu items are also present, giving the option to find METERO on Instagram, Spotify and Apple Store, as well as an augmented start/stop button. The artist himself signified that “FlyAR has updated digital and traditional music promotion to a whole new level.”

Augmented Reality 3D visualization for Helsinki City

Caricatured AR experiences for Helsinki City

For the city of Helsinki, FlyAR was commissioned to create an living-scale model of different renovations of the city. Residents are part of city-planning through participatory budgeting. The AR models is another way the inform their residents about renovative projects. Such as location of a new outdoor public gym or pathways through the woods. Minna Kattari found “their passionate but relaxed approach to augmenting reality gets their customers very excited about it.”

Honestly, the list of projects FlyAR has been apart of is endless. Continuously adding to their AR portfolio, witch entertaining, educational and branded augmented caricatured AR experiences. Who knew working with next-level technology could be so fun. FlyAR did, hence why they continue to propel whats possible in the AR realm. As extended reality(XR) becomes more mainstream, we may feel the signature impact of their work. Coming to a business card near you!

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Elevated XR Experiences From Groove Jones

Extended reality(XR) is one of those magical mediums that allows complete freedom of human expression. XR let’s us alter our environments best suited for our journey in life. We are already close to our devices, relying on them for everyday interactions. Elevated XR experiences will allow us to immerse our devices in our physical reality. Companies and public institutions are already diving in XR, leveraging the potential of immersive technologies. Job on-boarding and training has seen significant improvement with XR. Colleges have provided meaningful impactful immersive experiences for students. And brands are delivering unparalleled experiences encapsulating their consumers.

Who is producing elevated XR experiences

When it comes to widespread adoption of XR technology, Groove Jones is single handedly setting the standards for elevated XR experiences. The XR production studio has been producing compelling XR applications since 2015. To keep Groove Jones grooving, the studio incorporates an eclectic team of XR experts, with skillsets ranging from graphic design and content creation to project management and brand engineering. But what’s an artist without their tools. This is why they sport a high tech virtual reality development lab in Dallas, Tx. The room-scale VR workspace plus hand-picked digital tools, means Groove Jones have the capabilities to unleash high-fidelity XR experiences.

Groove Jones and Raypacks solution for learning the AVIA pool heater

One XR solution to come out of their development lab was for residential and commercial pool professionals. Raypack wanted to provide an realistic virtual training simulation for their AVIA pool heater. They believe the best way to learn is by doing and leverage VR to give individuals necessary hands on training, for proper installation of the pool heater. HTC Vive Pro system was the choice of hardware to transport people into the virtual training environment. This is a significant use case of VR. This means XR provides manufacturing companies the ability to teach people more effectively on how to use and install their products safely.

“A Flood of Reality” VR Motion Ride Experience Teaser

The Ark Encounter brings attendees right to the day of The Great Flood

Location based entertainment(LBE) venues also benefit from elevated XR experiences. Virtual Truth Experiences, a company focused on biblical experiences, partnered with Groove Jones to journey back to the moments of Noah and the Ark, named The Ark Encounter. Combining both the MX4D® Motion EFX Experience seat and HTC Vive VR headset, people are immersed in an visceral biblical journey. At the start of the adventure, people enter a time capsule which is accompanied by a bot named P.O.D.. It takes a few time jumps before P.O.D. calibrates correctly to jump to the moments of when the Ark was being built. These moments include Noah’s son’s planning and constructing, the paired animals boarding the vessel and the Great Flood. This adventure can be encountered at Truth Traveler.

Victoria’s Dia De Los Muertos AR Campaign

Elevating product packaging with elevated XR experiences

Brands of course have been investing in XR tech for increasing brand engagement and providing consumers a refreshing way to interact with their products. Groove Jones produced an fantastical and artful augmented reality application for Constellation Brands’ Victoria Dia De Los Muertos campaign. Package labels and intricately designed coasters were used to activate the webAR experience. Once activated, unique art is brought to life, representing the themes of Life and Death in celebration of the Mexican holiday. It is an experience that’s easily shareable with the pass of a bottle and entertains the consumer with mesmerizing art. An excellent adaption of branded AR.

Interactive Otter Chat for the St. Louis Aquarium

Bringing XR into locaation based venues

These are only but a few companies who’ve relied on Groove Jones XR services. They provide business solutions, branded XR content, LBE venue experiences and their proprietary Groove Tech. GrooveTech is a packaged set of hardware and software technologies for location based on-site activation and experiences. Their full size human scanner, XR Avatar Station, captures 3D data for constructing personalized holographic avatars. St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station used GrooveTech to their Otter Chat interactive talk show. Tommy the Otter, an North American River Otter engage attendees in real-time, enhancing the level of engagement to the attraction.

A beautiful future to explore

Amusement parks, industrial manufacturers and consumer brands are finding their businesses beautified with elevated XR experiences. Another level of dimension of media opens another level of dimension for the business to express itself. XR is another way to satisfy the human curiosity. To fulfill the fantastical landscape we imagine within ourselves. Groove Jones XR studio deserve much respect for leading the way in premium immersive experiences, pushing the bounds of the human imagination. Extended reality is truly extending human reach.

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Stabilized AR Experiences By Rock Paper Reality

Augmented reality(AR) is such an beautiful and effective media. Where the real world becomes digitized to enhance how we experience it. There is a basic conceptual foundation, yet complex methodologies for stabilized AR experiences. First, digital objects needs to be tracked in relation to the physical environment. Second, the screen door and shutter effect needs to be resolved to reduce the uncanny effects of digital objects. Third, digital objects need to interact with the physical environment in a realistic way. Fourth, people need to have intuitive and seamless interactions with digital objects in the physical environment.

Fortunately, dedicated individuals have came up with various methodologies to achieve these. These people have formed their own studios to help those wanting to skip the rigorous work of AR creation and get straight to developing the experience itself, rather than the mechanics of AR. This is great for brands who now can go to an AR studio for streamlining AR production for branded AR experiences.

Rock Paper Reality Augmented Reality Gift CArds

Rock Paper Reality propelling AR

With over 12 years of AR development experience, Rock Paper Reality(RPR) is a pioneering studio offering brands an convenient way to create stabilized AR experiences. “Rock Paper Reality is an Augmented Reality design agency that helps startups and Fortune 500s in marketing, education, entertainment, and retail agencies harness the full value of AR.” The dedicated AR studio is led by Bobby King(Founder, COO), Patrick Johnson(Founder, CEO), Preston Platt(Founder, CTO) and Jiten Dajee(Head of Digital Strategy). Their leadership has won them Best-In-Show at the renowned extended reality(XR) event coordinator, Augmented World Expo.

Digital services for stabilized AR experiences

They offer valuable services, including AR app production, unique AR gift packaging, WebAR implementation and expert consulting for effective AR experiences. With so many years in AR development they have a robust toolset for AR production. ARKit, AR Core, Vuforia, 8th Wall are only the few XR tools Rock Paper Reality utilizes to bring AR content to life. The AR studio also has the expertise to implement AR for mobile devices(iOS/Android), XR head-mounted-displays(Lenovo Explore/Hololens/Magic Leap) and WebAR. Magic Leap and Hololens has been increasingly adopted by companies in various industries. Useful for visual prototyping of ideas and integrated environment on-board training, which Rock Paper Reality has the very means to do.

The Siduri Holographic Experience

Fantastical media for product packaging

Siduri, a subsidiary of Jackson Family Wines and distinguished Pinot Noir specialist, partnered with RPR to produce a leading photorealistic WebAR experiences for wine connoisseurs. The WebAR app introduces people to holographic Adam Lee, the founder of Siduri, where he takes them on a fun adventure of shenanigans. RPR called on Microsoft’s volumetric capture team to create the hologram of Adam Lee. With holographic Adam Lee, various 3D digital assets, smart partnership for effective workflow, the Siduri wine bottle is brought to life. The objective of the Siduri AR application is to increase brand engagement and provide customers an unique way interact with their products. The experience is accessible through the QR code on the wine bottle label.

SAATCHI Art AR Experience

Immersive application for selecting Saatchi hosted art pieces

For the art lovers or those wanting to redecorate their abodes with beautiful pieces of artwork, will find value in Saatchi Art WebAR application, “View In A Room”. RPR developed an AR showcase app, where people could try out different art pieces on their wall. Utilizing 8th Wall’s WebAR platform, millions of art pieces by nearly 100k artists can be viewed without downloading any application. One of the largest e-commerce AR application to date. Giving people the ability to physically see how an piece of art will look in their homes or other places increases sales, reduces product returns and enhances the customer experience. And the fact there is no need to download additional applications makes for a smoother sales channel. “View In A Room” has re-imagined the e-commerce experience, giving costumers a more visceral approach to buying product or in this case, artwork.

Propelling stabilized AR experiences

What used to be seen only in science fiction, is now reality with dedicated XRists proving the value of augmented reality. After all, we already rely on heavy computing devices for our day-to-day activities. How about use that computational power to elevate the way we experience life. This is what Rock Paper Reality offers brands and people who connect with their captivating experiences. A studio that will be recognized from Around Your Screen.

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Visceral Mobile XR Interactions By Pantomime

With extended reality(XR) headsets becoming increasingly popular and mobile devices with strong computing capabilities, XR developers have been on the mission to create techniques for visceral XR interactions. Early interactions in mobile XR expriences, used either a capacitive button on a cardboard VR headset or flat controls panel in the scene itself. When the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift first arrived, they came with their own haptic solutions. But as time past and more people began to see the impact of XR technology, more techniques for visceral XR interactions were formed.

Pantomime Everywhere

XR studio propelling visceral mobile XR interactions

The Pantomime Corporation has been at the forefront of the XR user-interface. Before the release of the pioneering XR headsets, Pantomime has been developing techniques to incorporate users devices to be used as an object that interacts with the scene. To put the device in the action. Essentially, “mobile user visit shared worlds, reach in and interact.”

Dr. David Levitt and Don Hopkins founded Pantomime in 2014, quickly achieving the Silicon Valley Launch Cup for Digital Media and Mobile. Dr. Levitt holds a MIT doctorate in AI, a B.S. from Yale and have patents for next-level XR environment interactions. If you ever played The Sims, then you have experienced the work of the founder and Chief Software Architect Core developer of the recognized game franchise, Don Hopkins. Eric Hedman is the Key Content Developer for the Sim’s franchise and its expansion packs, who is now the Content Lead for Pantomime. There is also a expert group of advisors assisting in Pantomime’s endeavors. A testament to their dedication for advancing XR tech.

Pantomime’s Creatures- Real-Time Augmented Reality

Pantomime has a fun way of showcasing visceral mobile XR interactions

They have XR games that showcases visceral XR interactions. Pantomime Creatues AR is one experience where people can feed, capture, scoop up and play with dinosaurs, right on their tabletop or a flat surface. The game incorporates shared gameplay through a shared Wi-Fi network. Players can see each other’s movements within the game. The actually framework of the game is practically flawless, making for seamless real-time virtual interactions. The dinosaurs can be scooped up, pushed and paddled with the smart-device itself. And they are quite alive, chasing food, flying and making noises.

When playing Creatures AR, players tilt, turn and swing their devices for in-game motions. If want to paddle a dinosaur, then simply paddle them with the tablet of smartphone rather than pressing button on screen to initiate the maneuver. Though there is a flat UI that provides players additional options for gameplay. Using either 1, 2 or 3 fingers, players can tap the screen, sending either food or snowballs at the dinos. The same combination of fingers can be used to navigate within the scene through swipe gestures. The combination of a flat UI and in-game smart-device makes for seamless intuitive gameplay. This implementation of the smart device enables players deeper interactions within the XR scene.

Lenovo Y50 in Pantomime’s Virtual Worlds

Continuing to optimize augmented reality features

Pantomime’s device-tracking tech can replicate the shape and size of the users device in the game. As stated by them, people “can accurately reach into first person 3D worlds with most any mobile device, join other people in them, and see into them through… flawless screens that increasingly surround us.” And indeed they’ve accomplished this objective. With their propelling effort for more visceral XR interactions, they are undoubtedly pushing what’s possible for immersive mobile experiences. It true, they are showing us all what’s possible from Around Your Screen.

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P.S.- Possibly Legacy Studio

XR Tech Studio TriggerXR Propelling XR

No one could of imagined the impact that extended reality(XR) technology would have on society. With multiple varieties and versions of XR head-mounted-displays(HMD) propagating the XR marketplace, extensive libraries of XR applications being compiled and brands utilizing XR for enhancing brand-engagement, it’s easy to see how XR tech will significantly impact our day-to-day lives. The realization of the potential of XR and it’s real-life applications sparked much XR tech studio development to make it kinetic.

Trigger Reel 2021

XR tech studio on the ground

For nearly 10 years, even before the release of the pioneering Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the XR tech studio, TriggerXR, has been producing jaw-dropping XR applications for enhancing the consumer experience. TriggerXR “believes in the power of XR to tell stories and bring immersive worlds, characters, and brands to life like never before.” With and eclectic team of experts, over 200k of development hours and 200 plus projects in their portfolio, makes them the go-to solution for producing high-fidelity XR experiences. Industry leading brands, including Disney, TikTok, Google and Lucas Films relied on TriggerXR’s experience for creating immersive and visceral content for leveled-up brand experiences.

Disney partnered with TriggerXR studio and Google to bring Star Wars fans closer to the iconic characters of The Mandalorian. Fans were able to download an augmented reality(AR) application, transporting the characters into their immediate environment. For instance, fans could invite the Mandalorian into their homes, where he would shows off his rocket gauntlet and care-taking abilities for Grogu. The Star Wars AR experience featured 5 different scenes that the character’s enacted out in the physical environment. The app was also to demonstrate the computing power of the Google Pixel. A perfect partnership for enlightening the masses about AR and bringing them closer to the Star Wars franchise.

Haagen-Dazs 60th Anniversary Snapchat Lens Demo

Häagen-Dazs elevates their ice-cream packaging with TriggerXR

For ice-cream connoisseurs or the average grocery shopper, have surely came across the premium ice-cream maker, Häagen-Dazs. To celebrate their 60th anniversary in ice-cream production, the ice-cream seller relied on TriggerXR to bring their original ice-cream shop into their consumer’s home. Consumers were able to buy the 60th anniversary labeled ice-cream container and activate the experience with a optimally placed Snap code.

When activated, the ice-cream container does the signature half split, revealing the original Brooklyn shop inside. People then explore the shop and brand, modifying their own delightful ice-cream treat. Just as if they where at the ice-cream shop themselves. After going through the experience, the consumer is given a special thank-you card. With embedded AR features, it would be no surprise if ice-cream and XR enthusiasts keep the ice-cream container as an XR collector’s item.

Meeting brand objectives with the XR tech studios expertise

The dedicated XR studio offers much value for brands seeking XR deployment. They offer innovative strategies for achieving clients key performance indicators(KPIs), marketing and creative vision setting. Specialized XR UI/UX design, motion XR, story-telling and game design are just the many tools TriggerXR utilizes for creating engaging branded XR content. Voice recognition, artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) are also on their toolbelt. To ensure the experience is stable before launch, prototyping and user testing is employed for a high-fidelity product for the client and their consumers.

When their clients branded XR experience is done in rigorous production, clients have the option to deploy via WebAR, downloadable application, on social AR(Snapchat Lens) or as ad units. Once launched, clients can access user metrics, such as the amount of engagements and dwell time(time spent in XR experience). User metrics can allow brands to refine the XR application, develop even more meaningful brand engagement and get a little bit closer to the consumers heart.

Propelling the future of XR

The experience and expertise of TriggerXR is invaluable for any brand or business seeking XR implementations to meet their objectives. Are more businesses and brands seek out strategy-optimizing solutions , XR tech studio TriggerXR, as many others, will be necessary for facile implementation. We will always look to our thoughts for ideas, but it will be important to have solutions to convert those ideas into tactile applications. TriggerXR will definitely be seen as the studio bringing people’s imaginations to concrete, or rather extended reality.

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Streamlined XR Creations For Brands By WeAR

When extended reality(XR) was realized in 2016, with the release of the Oculus Rift, many studios and developers jumped on board to propel the immersive industry. XR comes in many forms, including virtual, augmented and mixed reality(VR/AR/MR). Many effective XR solutions have came about in recent years. XR studios have created XR marketplaces, streamlined XR creations, fostered XR communities and proved use cases for XR tech. Major industries like manufacturing, medical, marketing and education have benefited from XR. XR provides effective training simulations with reduced risks. It connects employees remotely in a digitized environment. As well as enhancing brand engagement.

OKKO AR- Christmas 2019 / WeAR Studio Showcase

Streamlined XR creations for optimizing brand engagement

WeAR is one XR pioneer who “design and develop immersive experiences to solve business and industry problems.” They have been at this for nearly 4 years, bringing XR conceptions to launch and providing valuable consultation. OKKO, Telenor, Pepsi, Budweiser and many other prominent brands have partnered with WeAR for marketing and app solutions. During Pepsi’s “#Summergram” marketing campaign, hundreds of Pepsi-inspired AR Instagram filters where made accessible via QR codes on Pepsi bottles. During the holidays in 2019, WeAR developed a Christmas-inspired AR karaoke application for OKKO’s coffee branded cups.

What kind of XR apps does WeAR produce?

But what is it that WeAR exactly does? What kind of streamlined XR creations do they produce? WeAR creates customized solutions for mobile applications, social media, webAR, projected media, full-room immersion, customized VR simulations and the whole sha-bang. A one-stop shop for any immersive experience brands and businesses want to implement. Whether it be creating an AR apps from scratch or VR training environments.

ARGram chat app – MiniPeeps Showcase

Their AR implementations have garnished much recognition. The founder and CEO of MiniPeeps, Mohamad Al Srouji commends them, stating “they treat your project as their own and build their solution alongside you, always wanting you to succeed.” This unwavering dedication to superb XR project launches has allowed them to speak in over 25 conferences, publicized in over 10 press sites and be listed as the top 5 XR studio. Project manager from OKKO, Taras Hrytsun recognizes “their creativity and development expertise sets them apart from others in the industry.” And they have an extensive collection of projects to prove so.

The Allo virtual store is another perfect example of how WeAR leverages AR for enhancing customer’s brand experience. The immersive shop contains 800 products to be explored and viewed in the customer’s physical environment. It also features a filter for product sizes, depending on the available space in the physical environment. Allo is one of Ukrainian’s largest electronics retailer. To bring the store to the customer, especially during the pandemic, brings the customer closer to the brand. A great use-case in how brands are leveraging streamlined XR creations.


Streamlined XR creations for mixed reality applications

The XR studio also produces mixed reality solutions. Mixed reality is the next level of AR, where digital objects are not only overlaid in the physical world, but literally meshes or blends with it. Obscuring the perception of what is real and digital. VR solutions completely immerses people in a digitized environment, removing all elements of the physical world. Both XR implementations can be used for effective remote training. Useful for more visceral telecommunication. A way for people to enhance their workflow when working remotely. For any sort of desired XR implementation, WeAR is happy to consult with you for the best strategic approach. After all, they’ve been at this XR production thing for awhile now.

WeAR in short…

In short, WeAR provides streamlined XR creations for effective applications of XR for businesses and brands. A necessary service for enhancing consumer experience and brand engagement. Keep up to date with latest XR endeavors and news on their blog. But if you do not peek at their blog, surely you will peek Around Your Screen to find WeAR a household name.

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VR Arcade Management Platform By SpringboardVR

The arcade used to be the place people would go to have a visceral and tactile gaming experiences. It was the place to test your gaming skills against the public. Arcade’s were notorious for having “unbeatable” games, driving hardcore gamers to break the machine. But also a place where peers, friends and families could have a fun time. A vibrant culture was built around the arcade experience. What happened to the arcade industry? Where did the arcades go? Are the on the outskirts of society now? Just maybe, but with the emergence of VR arcade management platforms, arcades could once again be a popular place of social engagement and exploring new exclusive immersive experiences.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught Arcade

Location Based Entertainment Venues benefit from VR Arcade management platform

SpringboardVR, a Vertigo Games acquisition, is a recognized solution for setting up a VR arcade. When VR was realized with the release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, there wasn’t too many VR marketplaces set up to easily find and experience VR content. This has been slowly solved with VR marketplaces like SideQuest VR. But still wasn’t quite solving the dilemma of serving LBE venues that could greatly benefit from VR tech.

LBE venues have the open space that many people may not want to invest in their own homes. VR can be experienced without consumers having invest in their own VR gear. These locations could also serve as a firsthand experiences that could lead to personal investment in VR gear. LBE venues would be the way cheaper alternative to theme parks. Ultimately being places of thriving social engagement and immersive gaming experiences.

A Recap of GDC with SpringboardVR CEO Brad Scoggin

Marketplace of experiences from SpringboardVR

Instead of venue managers having to figure out how to time VR gaming sessions or uploading new VR experiences for arcade goers, SpringboardVR provides an all-in-one VR management platform. In addition to the extensive SpringboardVR marketplace, in addition to HAZE VR, venue managers have access plenty of titles to curate from. Individual booth game installations are automated for added selected VR games. Meaning no manual game installs for each VR booth.

New and Improved SpringboardVR Marketplace

Session timing with Springboard’s VR arcade management platform

Time spent in sessions are automatically clocked, requiring no need to pull out the stopwatch. Automatic clocking helps with cost management since most of the game through the VR marketplace are pay-by-minute. This brings the quarter-to-play feature for VR experiences in arcades. Essentially, after initial setup, all VR booths connected to the SpringboardVR account is easily maintainable through a single VR management system.

Synth Riders Arcade Settings Guide

VR management for educational institutions

The same platform for managing VR arcades can be used for education objectives. SpringboardVR makes it easier to curate VR content for curriculum plans, through their centralized educational VR marketplace. In-house licensed educators provide content lesson guides for seamless application of educational VR. As with the VR arcade management platform, content can be launched and monitored remotely. Content can also be restricted for each students for individualized lesson plans. Students are also able to request virtual assistance from the instructor without having to be in the same physical space. For cohesive learning, students can be launched in the same station simultaneously.

The sort of VR solution for education is truly revolutionary. Expanding the pace and efficiency at which students learn with gamification of education. Meaning more tactile and interactive learning, being guided by the instructor. Ben Wilkof states “SpringboardVR is the only way I know of to ensure VR runs smoothly and autonomously at our school… where students have to get in and out quickly.” A true statement to how SpringboardVR is impacting educational practices.

Springboard is propelling the future

SpringboardVR is a solid solution for managing VR experiences remotely. Making conducting business in VR effortlessly as well as enhancing the learning experience. What was being pondered as a use-case of virtual reality no too long ago, is now being proven with solutions that SpringboardVR offers. Maybe the next VR arcade you visit, you will see the power of SpringboardVR.

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Branded XR Solutions Provided By MediaSquad

Within the past few years, there has been a significant increase in production of extended reality(XR) applications. Through these endeavors to propel the XR industry, many use cases has emerged and been proven to be effective. Brands have found XR media to enhance brand engagement. Branded XR solutions provides exponentially more content real-estate for brands to tell their story and make informational content entertaining(infotainment). This allows consumers a more visceral experience when exploring products and services without them having to purchase and test-drive. Individuals have already utilized and produced XR when applying photo filters or live digital effects on video streams. This is easily seen on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. But there immersive experiences wouldn’t be as prevalent without dedicated development teams and XR enthusiasts pushing the bounds of XR technology.

Award winning studio enhancing brand strategy

MediaSquad is an XR production studio based in Austria. They have been a trusted for various branded XR solutions. Their immersive media solutions gained them the 2020 VR Enterprise solution of the Year award and Prix Victoria 2020 VR experience award. Making recruitment pamphlets interactive with quizzes or developing a full-scale virtual training environment is very much within their expertise. Best stated by the MediaSquad, “with great attention to detail, perfect user experience design and seasoned with a pinch of gamification, we create virtual presentations, trainings, showrooms and assessments.”

BRP-ROTAX VR Job Assesment Trailer

Branded XR solutions used for assessing job recruits

The BRP-Rotax job assessment virtual reality(VR) application is what won them the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year Award. BRP-Rotax turned to MediaSquad for assessing potential recruits on their production line. Manufacturing production lines have inherit risks, due to how fast and alert an employee has to be to keep to schedule. The VR job assessment provides BRP-Rotax real-time performance data on potential recruits. This reduces the risk of hiring an employee to see how they’ll perform on the job, reducing recruitment costs. It is a high-fidelity VR solution for assisting BRP-Rotax in filtering out applicants.

MillVR: Nine Men’s Morris Gameplay Trailer

Immersive gameplay is part of MediaSquad’s repertoire

Though MediaSquad can develop high-end XR solutions for enterprise businesses, doesn’t mean they’re all work and no play. Mühle VR is an competitive VR game based on a German board game. Players are placed within a Roman inspired environment to face off. Each player receives 9 pieces in which they must strategically move around the board to eliminate the other players pieces by creating mühles, a.k.a. mills. A mill is created with 3 pieces either aligned horizontally or vertically. The winner is determined when an opponent only has 2 pieces left. Players have an option to compete against a computer or another person in VR. Mühle VR is available on the Oculus Store.

INNIO Jenbacher – Lehre bei INNIO – Trailer

Branded AR solutions for educational handbooks

Since MediaSquad is an all-around XR production studio, they are also a trusted solution in augmented reality(AR) production. INNIO Jenbacher commissioned the squad digitally augment an educational book targeted towards young learners. The book presents pop-out mini-games, 3D models of engines and unlockable content exploring INNIO Jenbacher. There are achievements that can be attained. When necessary achievements are attained the learners will unlock the ultimate goal, Application Plus. This gamification of printed media makes for much more engaging learning experiences, verses viewing flat content. The educational AR book has been featured on Wikitude.

DINKHAUSER – App Packaging AR App – Trailer

Trade fairs benefiting from branded XR solution

During the Career & Competence trade fair, the premium jewelry producer Swarovski had MediaSquad work on the Endless Facets AR App. Attendees could download the app and point their smart device towards a specialized wall, displaying various interactive data about the company. Data such as amount of water recycled from jewelry production and real-time location of sellers across the world can be viewed. The AR wall was an digitized pop-out experience, increasing brand engagement and enlightening attendees. This is the sort of branded XR solutions that all trade fairs should consider when enhancing their attendees experience.

There is still much to discover in the realm of XR. But seeing dedicated XR studios like MediaSquad, signifies that XR is becoming an valued solution for companies and brands to implement. After all, in the age of accelerating technology, it is only beneficial to elevate people’s day-to-day experiences. Interacting with brands, companies and individuals is part of those experiences. Now it’s time to embrace our endeavors with a little bit of XR.

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